5 ways Customer Journey Mapping will guide your marketing strategy

24 Sep 2018

  • Customer Experience

Understanding your customer needs and using these insights should be at the heart of your digital marketing.

Yet most marketing strategies are developed with a focus on the product attributes or benefits that we want to tell the consumer. Mapping your customer journey will ensure a product is delivered to your customer in a personalised and more considered manner.

Here are a few examples of how Customer Journey Mapping can help guide your marketing strategy to become more customer-centric:

  1. Tailored messages for each customer segment will increase engagement with your product or service.
  2. Placing triggers at different stages of the journey will encourage conversion.
  3. A customer journey first approach will enhance a customer-centric culture within the organisation.
  4. Creating experience maps will pull together channel, content and functionality requirements which will guide you to your sales objectives.
  5. A concise customer journey will help to define your campaign structure.

Interested in mapping your customer journey and don’t quite know where to begin?

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