5 success factors for a strategic customer journey

10 Jul 2018

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Customers now benchmark their experience on their latest great digital interaction – and they expect your brand to be a simple as Apple, as on demand as Uber or as intuitive as Netflix.

In ADMA's recently released whitepaper, Personalising the Customer Journey, we delved into the minds of marketing leaders to find out how they strategically approach a successful customer journey. 

Here are 5 success factors to fuel your organisation:

1. Start with why

Be clear about your investment strategy and why you want to transform.

2. Diversify your skills

Often technology people are very good at scoping and building our requirements, but may lack the commercial acumen or the broader understanding of the customer experience.

3. Put a customer lens on every decision

This takes a strong leader and executive commitment.

4. Remove silos to promote better insights across the organisation

Restructure teams around the customer journey, not products or operational units.

5. Look outside for new ideas

Shamelessly borrow, repurpose and create a different approach to ‘business as usual’ in your industry.

For more insights around customer experience, download your copy of the whitepaper, Personalising the Customer Journey: How new technologies are redefining CX

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