5 Reasons to Love Email Marketing

22 May 2016

  • Digital Marketing

By Valentina Borbone, Client Relationship Director at Zuni and instructor for the Email Marketing Essentials course.


Today’s marketers are consistently pushed for time and resource on a daily basis to get through the deluge of campaigns and messages. There are definitely some pain-in-the-backside tactics to deliver on, but I find myself with a smile on my face when it comes to Email Marketing. It’s the one marketing activity that I truly find joy in, the most rewarding of all channels for me, and my love affair that started years ago is still going strong. Here's five reasons you should love it too!


1. It’s Sophisticated and Simple
Email Marketing has endured the test of time and ongoing new trends in communications. We all thought it would die a quick death with the introduction of Social Media and new competitors in the Instant Messaging category such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. But email has remained strong, giving customers the contact they want, at a time that suits them best. The plethora of tried & tested templates make design choices easy; and formats for newsletters, major announcements, serialised editions and promotional conversion keep communications clear, consistent and simple.


2. It’s Evolving
Rather than fade into the distance, email developments continue to roll in. We now see more animated GIFs and embedded videos with the use of HTML 5. There are also innovations such as drop down menus, slide in menus and expanding menus within CSS mobile templates.

3. It’s Controlled
Unlike Social Media, which can grow wings on its own, Email Marketing gives brands control over their comms. Segmentation tactics go far beyond basic demographics, with the highest success rates achieved with previous purchase history and behavioural data as key segments. Personalisation can be achieved by using the segments and making the connection clear to the user, such as geo-location and lull in communication periods as layers to the segment. You also have the ability to rent 3rd party lists from companies like Impact Lists, which are highly effective in acquisition campaigns when purchased with key segments in mind.


4. It’s Accountable

My favourite part. Individual platforms and plugins provide advanced and easy to digest performance data for eDM activity which can be easily integrated into analytics packages to consolidate data streams and generate insights. You should be learning something from every single send you do, applying a test & learn approach through A/B Testing and Multivariant Testing. With instant results available, you can make snap decisions before your next communications; refine your segment data for greater accuracy and improve the barriers preventing you from achieving excellent deliverability.


5. Automation and ROI
Inextricably linked, if you can get automation of right, your ROI will benefit. Automation is expected and accepted by customers, closing gaps and opening opportunities for your audience based on their own data and preferences. Whilst the establishment of automation may seem daunting, the promise of an inexpensive yet performance based channel, that has the second highest ROI potential of all digital channels, should be lure enough to make Email Marketing a priority.


If you really want to get your head around email marketing, make sure you check out IQ's Email Marketing Essentials Course.

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