4 Ways To Make Social Media Less Painful

If your social media marketing is causing you headaches? Then listen up!

23 Jun 2016

By Daniel Robinson, Content and Social Media Manager at ADMA


Social media marketing has been around for years now, but what worked yesterday definitely doesn’t work today - just ask Tom from Myspace. And as social media becomes increasingly complex, the level of effort required to do it right can really take its toll. However, there are a few simple things you can do make sure your social media marketing isn't zapping all your time and energy.


Some call it a schedule, some call it a calendar, but at the end of the day, it’s just a way of organising what you’ll be posting on an any given day/week/month, and where you’ll be posting it. That’ll also force you to decide how often you’ll post on any given channel, and who will post it.


If you’re tearing your hair out trying to produce content, that’s usually a sign you’re doing too much. Don’t spend days writing a 1500-word blog post, only to upload it all in one go, leaving yourself scrambling for content again. Cut it up into 5 smaller chunks and roll them out over two weeks. You don’t need a million words to get your point across. Just look at Twitter! You might also want to look at reducing your frequency. More posts rarely equals better posts, so focus on posting less, but making them count.


Know your social stats. Sure, they’ll change, but unless you keep an eye on them, you want know whether what you’re doing works or sucks.
The most important stat to know is what is actually being engaged with. Which blogs get comments? Which posts get shared? Which videos get watched and what just sits there gathering digital dust?
Why is this important? It allows you to do more of what works, and avoid spending time and energy on content that achieves nothing but stress.


Feel like you’re all over the place with your social channels? You’re not alone. Take a deep breath… and focus – focus on one channel in any given month. By all means, keep nurturing your other channels, but for one month, choose one channel, and really focus on that. Say it’s Facebook – sit down, sort out your Facebook schedule, then really kill it on that channel for 30 days. By doing that, you can really dig into the stats and see what works and what doesn’t.


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