4 Marketing Trends to Consider in 2019

27 Mar 2019

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The marketing industry in 2019, is seeing the game change faster than ever before. Prices for media are higher, purchasing power is lower, and marketers have to deal with more challenges in order to attract and hold customers.

While personalisation and budget cuts are both equal priorities, there are also four other marketing trends for marketers to consider…

1) The need for analytics becomes urgent

On the back of lower marketing budgets, there is an urgent need for careful planning and prioritising. This can be done with high-quality analytics only and will allow marketers to gain a better understanding of their target audience. And with this comes a need for current and updated data, statistics, and research.

2) Customer service as a part of marketing

Customers are becoming choosier in 2019 and are showing preference to the brands offering some bonuses aside from their basic services. A customer-oriented approach provides brands a new lease on life, attracting more clients and increasing conversion for brands that provide loyalty programs and improve the quality of their service. Those, focused on nothing but sales, will be pushed into the lower end of the market.

3) Reputation outshines advertising

Many brands are optimising their sales strategies by implementing influencer marketing. This enables long-term online reputation building which has a positive flow on effect to purchasing. The era of isolated advertising has come to end. Companies don't spend budgets on one-off collaborations with social media stars or famous bloggers anymore. The development of brand reputation is on trend, and it's possible to build with long-term influencer relationships.

4) Top management comes to social networks

A push for trust and brand loyalty, has seen an increase occurrence of business owners joining their marketing teams on social media. Content shock and a large amount of inaccurate information are reasons why people no longer trust both ads and most news from the Internet. What can solve this problem is live communication between a brand's top management and their target audience online. As a rule, it takes place via social media accounts. According to research, the company news brought to the audience by its leader first-hand can help to increase brand credibility by 50% or more.

By Guest Contributer: Lesley Vos, Content Strategist at Bid4Papers

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