4 important takeaways from ADMA Global Forum 2018

02 Oct 2018

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Technology
  • Data

Our recent ADMA Global Forum event gave us the opportunity to bring our members and the wider marketing community together to talk about the issues that matter to you most. Be it your brands, your businesses, data and technology.

We take a look back and reflect on ADMA Global Forum 2018 – a best-in-class conference showcasing CX success stories from brands and practitioners thriving to deliver an exceptional customer experience both on a global and a local scale.

We heard from over 50 international and local CX Leaders about their unique experiences and lessons that they have learnt on their journeys to becoming customer-driven which provided attendees with actionable strategies to drive customer experience with their organisations.

4 important themes that were delivered to us over the 2 days were:

1. AI is the Future 

As marketing leaders, automate what you can so you can be enabled to focus on what matters most. Learn the language of Data – it will ultimately set you free. Data is at the heart and soul of AI, and if you don’t learn it, it will ultimately remain a core word.

2. Bring the human connection into your brands and into CX

When you are developing your strategies, considering new technologies, first and foremost it’s really important to understand ‘Who is your consumer?’ and ‘Who is the customer?’ and ‘What problems are you trying to solve for them as humans?’

3. The role of Leadership in an age of the customer

Leadership is paramount. As is the importance to nurture the culture of an organisation and the culture of innovation within the organisation from inside.

4. The changing role of the CMOs

There is an ever-increasingly importantance for CMOs to be the steward of the customer and the orchestrator of the future for our organisations. With a helicopter view of the organisation, CMOs are in such a unique position. They have the power to transform the future of these organisations. An amazing opportunity which should be grasped with both hands.

Did you miss the ADMA Global Forum? You can view the full 2 Day conference on-demand and at your convenience... again and again.

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