3 Tips for Writing Killer Digital Copy

Make sure you're getting the most from your words

21 May 2016

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By Jon Maxim, Copywriter & Creative Director at The Maxim and IQ instructor for Copywriting Essentials


Keep it short! People are major skimmers these days. In fact, we’re amazed you've read this far. So when you write, remember the “F” pattern. What's the "F" pattern? Listen up!

In the English language we read almost everything from the top left to the bottom right. And you’ll do that until you finish, get bored, or die. On the web, this is magnified 5-fold. When you’re looking at search results, a blog post, or a block of text, you’re going to give that first line, no matter what it is, a damn thorough read. If it’s not what you’d hoped, you move on. But guess what? You’re going to give that second line a lot less love than you gave the first. Hell, by the fourth and fifth, you're barely taking in a word!

Every time you skip down, you pay less and less attention. What you end up with is this engagement pattern, which looks a lot like the letter "F". That's why it's called the "F" patternt. So, keep it clean and concise. Comprende?

Despite what your mum tells you, you're not that dashing. So use more dashes! Yeah, these things -. They connect important ideas together, but they really break things up visually. They’re under-used and overly effective - so use them!


EDIT! We know you're busy, but it’s important. Really read what you write. Try this. Paste your copy into a word editor and change the font. Why? You’ll look at it with a much more critical eye. And if you’ve looked at a piece of copy for an hour, your brain fills in the gaps, covers up mistakes - it bludges. Changing the font brings your brain back to the party. So if you use a size 11 sans-serif font, switch it to a size 14 serif font. Easy. If you really want to be a gun copywriter, make sure you check out ADMA IQ's Copywriting Essentials Course.


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