3 reasons why brands are failing to optimize the customer experience

28 Sep 2016

  • Customer Experience
  • Data
  • Digital Marketing

By: Hana Mujadzic, SDL

More than ever, customers are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of content and offers available through every channel.  The attention span of the average customer has dropped to just 8 seconds today.  So how can marketers keep pace with customers’ demands?

SDL Campaigns recently surveyed over 200 leading marketers to uncover how effectively brands are using the rich data they have at their disposal to optimize customer engagement.

Take a look at our new infographic to find out the latest:

• 65% of brands are failing to deliver a seamless shopping experience
• Majority of those same brands cannot blend fast and slow data to deliver in-the-moment real time experiences

Are we missing out on this opportunity?

Check out the infographic here.

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