2020 Predictions

18 Dec 2019

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Customer Experience

Customers continue to vote on the quality of customer experience with their spending power.  Frictionless experiences are now seen as hygiene and organisations have to organise themselves around how to make that happen.  This has driving new roles and we are seeing the evolution of CMOs into Chief Growth Officers and Chief Customer Officers.  New organisational structures will lead to new budget allocations, more agile optimisation processes and continual investment in technology to enable that.  Perhaps more significantly, putting the customer at the centre of corporate strategy is requiring shifts in culture, values and mission statements.  From the board room down, a genuine commitment to follow through is needed. Companies who fail to take this trend seriously will fall further behind their competition and recovery will become increasingly out of reach.

At ADMA we believe that acknowledgement, recognition and education are the most important ingredients to any marketers understanding the complex changing customer. In order to arm our members with the tools to understand customer experience we are doing the following in 2020:

  • Further strengthen of our global partnership with DMA UK delivering a renewed curriculum for 2020 with over 260 course dates scheduled for 2020
  • Launch our Emerging Leaders program for the up and coming marketing leaders – where they get the opportunity to be inspired, mentored and connect with some of the best marketers in the industry
  • In terms of recognition, the best and brightest leaders will be highlighted once again in the 2020 IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders (get ready to nominate in February) and encouraging data and analytics understanding for those outside of analytics
  • And drawing the community together, we’ll hold regular Analytics Leaders lunches for corporate members and develop corporate member programs for interns and data for good initiatives as well as bring global experts to Australia for corporate member engagements and industry gatherings


As the debate around data privacy continues, the challenge for marketers remains the clutter of messages in market. Consumers are bombarding from every direction and this does neither the consumers nor the marketers any good.  Delivering relevant and timely of messages remains at the heart of data driven marketing best-practice however; the application of AI capabilities into this space will take this to a new level. Through the collection of insights and behaviours, marketers can tailor a higher quality customer experience.
This is going to be a continued hot topic in 2020 with further interaction with the Government and the ACCC. As a result of both their findings we will continue to vigorously bring the issues facing our members to the fore. IN 2020 we will:

  • Review our Code of Conduct to ensure that we are providing members with the most up-to-date advice when dealing with their commitment to best practice data-driven Marketing.
  • The ADMA Code of Conduct will be reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and that references to privacy and other laws are accurate and up to date. The Code helps members meet their commitment to best practice in data-driven marketing.
  • With the Government’s response to the Digital Platforms handed down, ADMA will be lobbying Canberra to minimise the red tape burden on data-driven marketing and advertising, analytics and business in general.

Strategic Marketing Transformation

Marketing technology is becoming more complex and integration of marketing and internal data in real time is becoming critical to optimisation and ROI.  Decisions on the evolution of marketing technology, integration and structure of data lakes and the execution strategies are no longer the domain of IT nor are the budgets.  Senior marketing professionals will need to develop a strong grasp of the technology that will enable the next phase of their evolution and build stronger bridges with their technology peers in order to be successful in this environment.

Our Global Forum which will be held on 31 March and 1 April will allow our members to gain the skills for success in a brave new world via the right mindset, toolset and skillset. They will hear from fantastic speakers and innovation alley where you can learn about AI, block-chain, data and lots of other new and exciting applications of technology in the marketing space to inspire, inform and instruct.

Voice Search

ComScore estimates that over 50% of searches in 2020 will be from voice.  As the growth in this channel develops, marketers will need to turn their attention to new methods of competing in this area.  The criticality of content developed to cater for this type of search behaviour will add complexity to an already dynamic and continually changing SEO landscape and will further elevate the importance of content strategies within the marketing strategy plans.

We will present an updated state-of-the-art new Digital Marketing Certificate course with best in class industry speakers bringing to life inspiring case studies.

Data health, Analytics and Data intelligence

The focus on technology and personalisation is underpinned by good data.  Without this, most organisations can’t even begin to tackle what the new developments in capability have to offer.  Most organisations still struggle with the health and connectivity of their data.  As the true cost of this issue becomes more obvious, the focus at board level on the quality of data will become part of the overall health assessment of organisations, metrics developed akin to NPS to measure how data cleansing efforts are progressing and senior executives held accountable for improving data quality.

From the outset we will be looking closely at this and with the Consumer Data Right starting in February 2020 for the four major banks to be followed by the telecommunications and energy sectors, we will be working closely with the various agencies to ensure that our members are accurately represented.

In all these industry initiatives and programs, we do look to you – as members of the industry – to add your voice to the conversations, debates and forward plans. Just get in touch with the team to get involved. We will also offer the following opportunities for our members to upskill. Melbourne in June sees data-driven business in focus with Data Day – in its 16th year – it’s a day that highlights the synergies we talk about between marketing, analytics, data governance and technology

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