12 months is a long time in digital marketing

If you’re not learning, you’re obsolete. So learn!

18 Jul 2016

  • Digital Marketing

By Valentina Borbone, Client Relationship Director at Zuni and IQ instructor for the Digital Marketing Certificate


As I prepare for another round of annual content reviews for the for Digital Marketing Certificate, starting in just a heartbeat, I’ve realised just how many things have changed in such a short time in digital marketing.

If you still think memes are cool, it’s time to think again. The most common question I'm asked is: “How do you keep up with everything, when digital is changing so quickly?”. 

Ah, that ol’ chestnut. In all honesty, it’s tough! That’s why you need to constantly up-skill, be across the technology, and learn (in, or out, of the classroom) from people who live and breath digital marketing.

If a digital strategy is the backbone of what marketers are executing, it’s imperative to know about the devil in the detail, not just the bigger picture.  Marketers are moving slowly to make significant changes to their activities and systems. Customers, on the other hand, are moving at lightning speed with their non-stop app adoption and instant gratification addictions. Messages are fragmented, technology is developing quicker than distribution models and decisions are being made in the here-and-now, not the wait-and-see.

For instance…

  • Google’s changed the way they display AdWords search results, penalised websites that aren’t mobile optimised and have emerged strongly in the ecommerce market with their “Buy” button. 
  • Facebook Canvas has taken native advertising to new heights with a seamless interaction that has some depth.
  • YouTube’s Red subscription service makes it an even more compelling platform for your marketing mix.
  • Twitter’s character limit change threatens to change the landscape for content marketing using social channels forever; AND
  • Ad Blocking is the hottest topic of conversation. 1 in every 13 Australians have activated ad blocking, for numerous reasons, and that number’s growing.

These are just some of the latest digital developments in the last few months, and changes like these are coming out to market thick and fast.

To help get your head around these many changes, and many more looming in the near future, check out the amazing array of guest speakers throughout the Certificate course.  We share our invaluable experience and stories of problems we’ve solved, issues we’ve tackled and hurdles we’ve overcome in real client situations.

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