The Problem of Integration and Why it Matters

Brave Marketing Podcast Series: Episode 3

The issue is that brands are increasingly competing for the quality of experiences that they offer for customers attention says Jenny Williams, ADMA marketing lead.

In ADMA’s Brave Marketing Podcast, Williams said for marketers to create a great experience, personalise a journey it's really important for marketers and for the business to have an end to end view of the customer. 

“That might be enabled by how they access the data and then how they mine that data for insights so that they can ensure that the engagement with the customer reflects what they actually know about the customer,” she explained.

Williams noted one of the challenges in delivering a great customer experience is understanding what technologies are available.

There are so many different platforms, what platforms to use, what are the challenges you're going to face in the deployment of those platforms, and then when you face those challenges who you need to call upon in order to solve them.”

Campari IT manager Tim Reid said there is a challenge for his brand to create an integrated view especially when it works through other businesses. In this case, it’s through bars and retail.

“When we've mapped out the consumer journey there are gaps, where there are areas that we don't own. We don't own that touch point of what you actually make the sale, make the drink, or you have that experience in a storefront.”

Many people complain about their martech stack saying its a convoluted mess and during the podcast, Mark Baartse, the former CMO of Showpo said sometimes it’s not always the software’s fault.

“People get sold a dream, but it doesn't quite live up to that in reality. I think what people forget about is that there's a real need for the people in process. People just look at the technology and focus on the technology. I think technology is the solution and technology is just one part of a piece,” he explained.

When asked the question, what is a reasonable expectation for a marketing leader to have about the level of integration they should find between technology these days.

Bartsch quoted a colleague in the industry Simon O’Day, founder of The Lumery which he says “you should look at people first, process second and technology last”.

O’Day elaborated further.

He said, “If you're a traditionalist and you're just driving the decision on a vendor or around a piece of technology that deals with integrations and you haven't sat down and mapped out the absolute business reasons for that, and the processes behind it, the people behind it the capability necessary for it. It's doomed to fail.”

Working in digital for nearly 20 years, O’Day has witnessed a lot of trends throughout the years and he said data driven marketing is now the bedrock of what he sees is the most substantial uplift in any business.

Alison Sainsbury, finishes off the episode discussing what resonated with her during the episode.

Episode three is available for download now.

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