Do Not Mail - Businesses

Some people just don’t want to hear your message. No matter how well presented your offer is, sometimes it’s going to end up in the bin.

ADMA’s Do Not Mail Service is a registry of people who have opted out as they don’t want to receive marketing offers by mail.

Improving you data accuracy using the ADMA Do Not Mail Service.

Facilitating data-driven marketing requires using accurate data. That is why ADMA continues to administer the Do Not Mail Service. Aside from showing your commitment to quality one-to-one marketing and customer satisfaction, use of the Do Not Mail file means you get better response rates, reduce complaints and save money.

How can businesses register and purchase the Do Not Mail list?

This service is open to all businesses, whether they are members or non-members. You can register and purchase the latest download of the Do Not Mail list.

What additional things should your business be doing?

Maintain your own ‘do not solicit’ list. This list should include all the people who have previously opted out of receiving marketing and advertising communication from you or third parties that you are conducting business with.
Ensure your business staff are trained in privacy compliance.
Appoint a privacy compliance officer to be across all your organisation's privacy issues and act as the central point for privacy inquiries and complaints.

To take up a new annual subscription to this file please email us at [email protected]

If you're currently having problems downloading the data, please contact Marketsoft on 02 9432 7400 or [email protected]