IQ One for One Program

Welcome to the IQ One for One program!

You've probably landed here after seeing or hearing about this program and keen to understand what this all means. So let’s be clear – we need you! There is a real need for people with skills in data, technology, analytics and content. Why? Because there is a gap between the skills business need to be successful and the capabilities of current teams. Not only do we need to upskill our current teams we need more people. And this is where you come in. We want to train you FOR FREE in the skills needed by Australian businesses.

What is the Program about?

YOU. Simple. This is about you. If you are keen to develop your skills in the areas that in high demand, we want to give you access to online training – FREE OF CHARGE. ADMA is Australia’s largest provider of applied learning for marketers, creative and analysts. For every course we sell we will offer a course of equivalent value to someone outside the industry who may not otherwise be able to access these programs due to location or financial constraint.

Who is ADMA?

Simply put we represent businesses that use data, analytics and technology to drive their business. Part of the role we play is to train marketers in the skills they need to further their career and ensure Australian businesses have the right skills to remain competitive in this ever changing world.

Why are we doing this?

Because if we don’t there are consequences to pay. In a recent survey over 90% of business globally stated their investment in data driven marketing, analytics and digital technology was increasingly important to their success. The same research also showed that the biggest challenge is finding people with the right skills needed to drive their business forward. Not only do we need to increase the skill base of our current teams we need more of them to meet the demand for these skills in Australia.

Who qualifies?

The program is open to anyone who is not currently employed in a market role but who is keen to expand their skills. For example;

If you’ve been out of action for two years or more a lot has changed. Our courses are an ideal way to beef up your CV for when you’re back on the market.

  • Many recent high school graduates are keen to join the workforce as soon as possible but may lack the right skill base to secure the desired position.
  • Small businesses owners are increasingly facing the challenge of how to use digital and online opportunities to grow their business.
  • The employment landscape is clearly changing. The available jobs in some “traditional” sectors are in decline. This program offers people the chance to reskill for a new career.

This is just an example. If you feel you qualify just fill out the application below and we’ll let you know.

How can businesses get involved?

If you have a marketing team, we can help upskill by providing training. For every course you buy from ADMA you will be contributing to the pool of available courses we will give away. We can work with you on a training program designed to ensure you have the right skill base. There are a range of packages available so if you're interested to learn more please feel free to contact us on

Our commitment?

We will support the marketing industry through continual development of ADMA IQ, which provides training and courses focused on the digital and marketing skills of the future. For every dollar spent on IQ, the equivalent is given away free to Australians who need it. 

Who pays? We do!

ADMA has been working with five foundation partners who, through their commitment, are able to help us launch the ADMA One for One Program with $500,000 worth of free courses that will be distributed to small business, start-ups and individuals throughout Australia to start building their digital future. And that’s just the start.  For every course purchased we will give one away for free.   Together we will build Australia’s digital future.

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