Mini MBA online course in Marketing with Mark Ritson

The Mark Ritson Mini MBA in Marketing is an MBA level course, covering the same content and theories as the marketing core classes taught on MBA programmes at the top business schools. Get the tools you need to become the best marketer you can be, with practical hands on learning from one of the best educators and marketing consultants in the business.

Our online Mini MBA course offers flexible learning options - learn live online and on demand. Course commences 14th September 2021.


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Course format

The MW Mini MBA in Marketing is a CPD accredited, MBA level course. Covering the same content and theories as the marketing core class taught on MBA programmes at the top business schools, but in just 12 lessons, it will give you the tools you need to do your job better.

On-demand lessons covering the core MBA marketing modules
Weekly interactive Q&A sessions with Mark Ritson
Access to Marketing Week case studies
MBA standard end-of-term assessment
Flexible learning
Mini MBA certificate

Who is the Mini MBA for?

Marketers of all backgrounds, educational levels and nationalities have benefited from the Mini MBA, with over 95% of our alumni feeling more inspired, 95% more confident and 91% more effective as a result.


An applied, advanced training in marketing from one of the world's leading experts.

The ADMA Mini MBA in Marketing is a CPD accredited, MBA level course. It covers the same content and theories as the marketing core class taught in MBA programs at the top business schools, in just 12 lessons. It will give you the tools you need to do your job to a high standard and become a more effective and strategic marketer.

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  1. Week 1: Market Orientation

    Market orientation / MARKOR scale / Customer focus / Predictive marketing
    Avoiding product and sales orientation, how can you achieve market orientation? This lesson examines the core theoretical concepts and reviews extensive literature on building marketing orientation inside organisations.

  2. Week 2: Market Research

    Research Designs / Qualitative methods / Quantitative methods / Backwards market research
    In this class, discover the range of different research approaches available, plus how to combine them into a successful research architecture.

  3. Week 3: Segmentation

    Market mapping / Demographic / Behavioural / B2B approaches
    What is segementation and why is it so crucial to marketing success? This session looks at the main methods of segmentation with applied examples.

  4. Week 4: Targeting

    Strategic choices / Ehrenberg-Bass / Segment dynamics / Portraits
    In this lesson you will be taught how to consider the key issues of who you do and do not want to target, as well as examining the current debate on targeting more or fewer segments.

  5. Week 5: Positioning

    Brand position / Articulation / Disruptive execution / Perceptual maps
    This lesson takes a look at the three Cs model of positioning (the customer, the competitors and the corporation) and reviews the various approaches to positioning, including brand purpose, value proposition and core values.

  6. Week 6: Objectives

    Purchase funnels / The right objectives / Strategic decision making
    In this module we look at successfully identifying and then articulating the correct objectives to drive the marketing strategy.

  7. Week 7: Product

    Product creation / Product assessment / NPS scores
    This lesson marks begining the tacticaly journey by looking at how products are developed and improved using marketing insight.

  8. Week 8: Price

    Price settings / Using quantitative models to set a price / Discounting and price wars
    In this module we look at how a price should be calculated, set and then communicated. We look at the eviscerating impact of price promotions and the power of a premium price to drive strong corporate profitability.

  9. Week 9: Integrated Marketing Communications

    The S curve / Profitability matrix / Price setting / Elasticity
    In the final tactical module, we examine the various communication options that can be used to build brand and promote product.

  10. Week 10: Distribution

    Omnichannels / Indirect vs direct channel models / D2C sector
    In this module we review the different types of channel models that can deliver the product to the target consumer. We look at direct and indirect models and their respective advantages and link to corporate strategy.

  11. Course Conclusion Workshop

    Course Conclusion / Next steps
    Having completed the exam, this is a debrief session with detailed feedback on what you should have written. We’ll also tell you how to get hold of your certificate and what comes next….

"Essential course you will ever need to be a top marketer. This course gives a clear thinking and process of how a marketer should do or think and how they do it."


"If you want a clutter free, straight to the point, fundamentals in marketing and you want to do it in a fun and engaging way plus get accredited for it, do it."


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The Mini MBA in Marketing starts on Tuesday 14th September 2021. 

The Mini MBA in Marketing course runs for ten weeks before the exam is released. You will then have two weeks to submit the exam. It takes three weeks to mark the exam before handing out grades and releasing the exam feedback module (6th Q&A). 

ADMA, Australia’s leading industry body for marketers, has partnered with Mark Ritson to offer the MW Mini MBA to our community at a discounted price.  The course has been developed by Mark Ritson and the MW Mini MBA Team.

Students can access the course from anywhere in Australia from their computers. The course is a mix of on demand lectures and live online Q&A sessions. If you can't make the interactive Q&A session you will be able to pre-submit questions and a recording of the session will be available on-demand for the duration of the course.

We recommend spending at least two hours per module to watch the videos and complete the readings. You will have three weeks to submit the exam. Your submission will be graded on a scale of A - D and there will be a feedback session (6th Q&A) looking at the correct and incorrect answers at the end of the program.

Marketers of all backgrounds, education levels and nationalities have benefited from the Mini MBA in Marketing. The special ADMA price is available to all members of the ADMA community.

The special ADMA price for the Mini MBA in Marketing is £1,305 (normally £1,450, Save 10%). To book, fill out the webform on this page. You will recieve an email with a link to book directly with the Mini MBA Team.

On completion of the course you will earn a Mini MBA certificate. The course is CPD certified (28 CPD credits)

ADMA has partnered with the MW Mini MBA Team to offer our community the Mini MBA in Marketing at a 10% discounted price. To receive the discounted price you must fill out the webform on this page. You will recieve an email with a link to book directly with the Mini MBA Team. Bookings are subject to course availability and may be cancelled at any time.

The Mini MBA program was developed by Mark Ritson in conjunction with Marketing Week UK, and therefore is charged in £GBP. The ADMA special offer is available to our Australian community and provides 10% off the retail price.

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