Mini MBA online course in Brand Management with Mark Ritson

The Mark Ritson Mini MBA in Brand Management is an MBA level course based on twenty years of teaching brand management to MBA students at elite business schools. Become the best marketer you can be with practical hands on learning from one of the best educators and marketing consultants in the business.

Our online Mini MBA course offers flexible learning options - learn live online and on demand. Course commences 21st September 2021.


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"I have been teaching brand management and working as a brand consultant for leading global firms for the past two decades. This course is the distillation of all those experiences into 12 weeks that will transform your capabilities and the fortunes of the brands under your control."

- Mark Ritson

Course format

The MW Mini MBA in Brand Management is a CPD accredited, MBA level course. Covering the same content and theories as the marketing core class taught on MBA programmes at the top business schools, but in just 12 lessons, it will give you the tools you need to do your job better.

On-demand lessons covering the core MBA level lectures
Access to HBR and Marketing Week case studies
Weekly interactive Q&A sessions with Mark Ritson
Complete brand planning series
Online simulator to test your new-found brand management skills
Mini MBA certificate

Who is the Mini MBA for?

Marketers of all backgrounds, educational levels and nationalities, have benefited from the Mini MBA, with over 95% of our alumni feeling more inspired, 95% more confident and 91% more effective as a result.



An applied, advanced training in brand management from one of the world's leading experts.

These 12 on-demand lessons provide a broad and deep understanding of the theory and application of successful brand management. It provides you with everything you need to become a fully trained brand manager and take both your career and the success of the brands you run to the next level.

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  1. Week 1: The What and How of Brand

    Concept of brand / Brand building / Brands & consumers
    In this introductory session we define the idea of brand and examine the all-important concepts behind building stronger brands. We examine what brands do for consumers and, consequently, the myriad advantages that building brand confers on an organisation. By the end of this first module all the key concepts and theories of brand will be clear.

  2. Week 2: Brand Management

    Brand strength / Modern brand management / Brand plan
    Having understood what makes for a strong brand, we change focus to what makes for strong management. How should a marketer manage a brand to ensure brand strength is both created and protected? We look at the invention of modern brand management and the main responsibilities associated with being a world class brand manager. The module concludes with a look at a fully realised brand plan and introduces the templates that will be used throughout the course and in the final simulation.

  3. Week 3: Brand Diagnosis

    Step back / Data collection / Brand heritage
    The first big step in the brand management process is always taking a step back. Collecting the right kinds of data to conduct a fully realised diagnosis of the brand you now lead is always the optimum starting point. The module reviews the best forms of market research plus the role of founders, heritage and provenance in getting to grips with brand awareness and brand image.

  4. Week 4: Targeting

    Market selection / Marketing funnel / Short & long term goals
    The debate about whether to target all buyers in the category or focus on specific segments of the market has been raging for several years in marketing. We examine how leading brand managers combine both approaches to build a more advanced approach to target market selection. We explore how a brand plan can and should accommodate both longer term, ‘top-of-the-funnel’ mass marketing and shorter term, ‘bottom-of-the-funnel’ targeting, as a foundation for strategic success.

  5. Week 5: Brand Positioning

    Brand growth & success / Brand differentiation / Segmentation
    Working from the initial diagnosis, we move to the all-important challenge of positioning a brand for growth and success. We discuss the various forms of differentiation in the market and study how an overall approach to general brand positioning combines with more ‘segment-specific’ statements to create clarity and traction in the market.

  6. Week 6: Brand codes

    Successful brand managers / Tactical execution / Infamous campaigns
    Moving from differentiation to distinctiveness, we examine the crucial topic of brand codes. We look at how successful brand managers identify key brand codes and then apply them across their tactical execution to ensure maximum impact. We study code play and look at some of the truly great executions in which codes have been used to advance the effectiveness of some infamous campaigns.

  7. Week 7: Brand Objectives

    Funnel building / Strategic goals / Brand strategy
    Building custom consumer funnels is an essential part of advanced brand management. We explore how funnels are built and populated, then look at how we can use this information to set clear strategic goals for the brand plan. We analyse how these objectives, along with positioning and targeting, form the basis of great brand strategy.

  8. Week 8: Brand Architecture

    Right number of brands / Brand consolidation / Killing brands
    Most companies have more than one brand within their operational control. In this module we look at identifying the right number of brands to operate and the manner in which these brands should be linked together, or kept apart, to ensure ultimate marketing success. We look at the all-important challenge of brand consolidation and how to kill brands whilst retaining customers and boosting profits. We also explore the various ways in which brands can be used to diversify a company’s offer in the form of brand extension.

  9. Week 9: Tactical Execution

    4Ps / Disruptive consistency / Volume vs Value / Execution examples
    With brand strategy complete, we move onto execution. The role of product development, pricing, distribution and communications are all explored. We examine how a brand comes to life through ‘disruptive consistency’ and review some classic examples of getting brand execution right.

  10. Week 10: Budgeting & Brand Tracking

    Budget setting / Methods / Zero-based budgeting
    In this module we look at how the final brand budget is put in place. The weakness of traditional methods are reviewed in excruciating detail, then we dive into how to build zero-based budgets and explain why they offer a superior approach. As we move closer to the conclusion of the course content, we look at the final step in branding – brand tracking.

  11. Week 11: Simulator

    Brand plan / Learnings into practice
    Having completed the course content and built a brand plan, it’s time to execute that plan in a simulated market. How will your strategy play out? Have you made the correct decisions? What will be the final financial outcome? A chance to put all those branding concepts you’ve learned so far into practice.

  12. Week 12: Course Conclusion

    Simulation feedback / Key takeaways / Next steps
    In the final module of the course we feedback on the simulation and how the class performed within it. We look at the key takeaways of brand management and conclude with further reading suggestions and the next steps.

Fact file

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London Business School
Melbourne Business School
MIT Sloan School of Management


De Beers


PPA Columnist of the Year
Ferber Award

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The online course starts on Tues 21st September. Weekly on demand lectures are conducted every Monday. Interactive Q&A sessions are conducted fortnightly on Fridays at 12pm BST (9pmAEST). Download the course brochure to see the full course calendar.

The course lasts for 12 consecutive weeks, with a weekly on-demand lecture (Tues 21st September and then on Mondays) and fortnightly live, interactive Q&A sessions on Fridays at 12pm BST (9pm AEST).

ADMA, Australia’s leading industry body for marketers, has partnered with Mark Ritson to offer the MW Mini MBA to our community at a discounted price. The course has been developed by Mark Ritson and the MW Mini MBA Team.

Immediately following the live sessions, there will be recorded on-demand videos and podcasts of the sessions along with details of the week’s study material.

The Mini MBA in Brand Marketing is a 12 week course comprising of 10 on demand modules with weekly readings, fortnightly live Q&A sessions with Mark Ritson, a market simulation exercise in week 11, followed by a course conclusion & simulation review in the final week.

The Mini MBA in Brand Management is an international course, offered to marketers from many countries. It is designed as a follow up to the Mini MBA in Marketing, going broader and deeper into the theory and application of Brand Management. The special ADMA price is available to members of the ADMA community.

The special ADMA price for the Mini MBA in Brand Management is £1,305 (normally £1,450. Save 10%). To book, fill out the webform on this page. You will recieve an email with a link to book directly with the Mini MBA Team.

On completion of the course you will earn a Mini MBA certificate. The course is CPD certified (28 CPD credits).

ADMA has partnered with the MW Mini MBA Team to offer our community the Mini MBA in Brand Management at a 10% discounted price. To receive the discounted price you must fill out the webform on this page. You will recieve an email with a link to book directly with the Mini MBA Team. Bookings are subject to course availability and may be cancelled at any time.

The Mini MBA program was developed by Mark Ritson in conjunction with Marketing Week UK, and therefore is charged in £GBP. The ADMA special offer is available to our Australian community and provides 10% off the retail price.

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