Learn the rules and regulations of the marketing industry

Protect your brand and reputation - ensure you comply with Australian marketing and privacy regulations

Australia has strict marketing compliance and privacy laws and regulations that protect consumers. Not complying with these can have financial, corporate and industry repercussions that can not only cost companies a lot financially but can also damage reputations.

This is why it’s important to understand the privacy laws and regulations and how to comply with them. 

Through our Privacy and Compliance courses, you’ll get the marketing compliance training you need to be able to identify obligations relevant to data-driven marketing, protect your reputation and know the implications of certain changes to relevant Acts. 

Learn rules around collecting, storing and using data, specific rules for different communication channels and explore the Australian Privacy Principles.

Whether you’re from an ad agency, or area  brand side or a media professional, compliance matters.

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Privacy & Compliance Courses


Privacy and Marketing Compliance Course

Our courses are designed to help marketers and advertisers adopt best practices in regulatory compliance. Learn how to not only protect but to enhance it by moving beyond compliance and incorporating consumer preferences and expectations into your marketing and advertising practices.


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