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Digital marketing is changing. Constant upgrades to search algorithms, advances in technology and the perpetual rise of mobile mean that digital marketing will no doubt be different tomorrow from what it is today. Marketers have the difficult role of navigating through the changes, picking up new tricks and techniques and doing it fast.

It’s time to immerse yourself in the changes and become the savvy digital marketer of tomorrow.

Our Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology courses will teach you all aspects of digital marketing and help you fill any skills gaps you may have. Learn about mobile marketing, search engine marketing and optimisation and get to know the digital marketing landscape in detail.

Gain the necessary knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in this dynamic industry!

Digital Marketing CoursesMarketing Technology Courses
Search Marketing Courses


Digital Marketing Courses

Our digital marketing courses cater for digital marketer beginners, to seasoned professionals. The objective of all courses is to help you drive better, more measurable results from your marketing efforts.



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Marketing Technology Courses

Marketing technology refers to any technology that automates the buying, placement, and optimisation of media inventory, replacing human-based methods. Learn how to use technology to intelligently serve your needs. Our selection of marketing technology courses will do everything from helping you get you started to optimising your current efforts.



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Search Engine Marketing Courses

SEM often includes a combination of paid advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and is always evolving, so we constantly update our courses to ensure you are provided with latest thinking and techniques to improve your ranking.



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Digital marketing in 2017 IS marketing. We can't escape the fact that there are very few marketing roles or organisations left that don't use digital in their approach with customers. And that's okay because digital IS exciting!  The opportunities for marketers are wide open, from learning ho truly understanding web technologies to learn to code at a basic level, to becoming proficient at conversion rate optimisation on your website, the online digital channel poses multiple challenges and opportunities. Once established as a crtical channel, you can use advanced acquisition and retention stratgies to get and keep your customers sticky to your site. Understanding search enging marketing - both SEO and SEM - will ensure your website is delivering the best path to ROI.  Digital marketing channels are the heart of every business today; ensure you are the strongest digital marketer you can be with ADMA IQ.