Take your data and analytics skills to the next level

Data and analytics skills - your key to success in the data-driven marketing era

In the era of data-driven marketing, where customer experience is the catalyst of marketers around the world, data analytics is your golden key to success.

Data is complex. It is both a blessing and a curse –  issues like navigating through the sheer volume, battling technical integrations and making sense of data can be overwhelming. But once you know what you’re doing with it, data can open doors to seamless customer journeys and amazing customer experiences.

It’s no surprise that data analytics has become a prized skill for employers looking to build marketing teams of the future.

Equip yourself with the ability to make sense of data, draw insights from analytics and use them to tell stories, map customer journeys, predict trends and become invaluable to your team.

Increase your organisational efficiency and competitiveness through our data and analytics courses now!

Data CoursesAnalytics Courses


Data Courses

Data is collected, analysed, and reported whereupon it can be visualised using graphs or images to more easily form meaning and insights. The answer is binary – our data courses will improve your skills in areas critical to marketers today: how to understand data; how to analyse data; how to present data; how to use data for maximum effectivenss. 

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Analytics Courses

ADMA IQ courses in analytics cater for all levels - beginners to advancd professionals - and provide tools including how to use analytics for a myriad of outcomes. Our courses allow you to learn analytics from the ground up; how to analyse data for web and online marketing analytics; how to present data through data visualisation and other graphic visualisation tools; how to do predeictive modeling and understand sentiment analysis.  We recommend that all course participants have a solid handle on data before committing to this course work.

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