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Intermediate / Practitioner

Need a more strategic approach to your social media?

Research, plan and implement a successful social media marketing strategy from the ground up with our advanced social media training.

Most organisations and brands are on social media - and if they’re not, they should be. Social media is a way for consumers to engage and communicate with brands. But this doesn’t mean businesses should just start a Facebook page or Twitter account. It’s not that simple, as there are right and wrong strategies to use with each channel.

Looking at these channels and their tactics, you’ll learn how to develop, implement and measure social media activity.

We recomend you complete the Social Media Marketing Essentials course before hand to get the most of this course.

ADMA offers more than one social media marketing course, choose the one that is most relevant to you.

Learn to:

  • Conduct a social media audit
  • Create an integrated channel plan
  • Extract insights from social analytics
  • Effectively manage and optimise campaigns
  • Set social media polices for your business
  • Measure social media and run a social media audit

Course Covers:

Using presentations and partaking in discussions as well as hands-on, practical exercises, we’ll examine:

  • Social auditing of content strategy, community management, tools, platform usage
  • Social listening using a hands-on demo
  • Extracting insights from social analytics
  • Writing a publishing calendar and allocating budget for social ad spend
  • Managing social media including measuring and optimising activity
  • Identifying the tools you need for listening, content management and analytics
  • Creating a social media policy for staff
  • Organising community management

Who should do this course?

Brand Side Marketers

  • Content / Digital / Community/ Social/ Marketing Managers: who plan and manage content and use social media channels for distribution as part of a campaign or wider communications strategy.
  • Digital Producers / Digital Specialists / Content Publishers:  that are responsible for the execution or planning of content in social channels.
  • Community Managers / Content Managers: content managers, editors, curators or moderators.

Advertising Agency

  • Art Directors / Digital Designers: Creatives that need to understand what kind of content will be effective in different channels and help achieve campaign cut through. Those that  craft ideas which are social by design and engage with the online consumers.
  • Junior to Mid-level Account Service: who help shape and execute multi-channel campaigns.

Media Professionals

  • Media Planners / Strategists: That want to understand how consumers interact with social platforms and how new technologies shape the user experience online.

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