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Watch your customers walk in the door and stay.

Discover a tailored strategic approach to retaining customers.

Most of us know it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to chase a new one but quite often we don’t know how to achieve this. More often than not, we focus our energies on adopting new customers rather than engaging with our old ones.

In this two-day intensive course, you’ll adopt a framework for building customer loyalty through marketing strategies that increase customer retention. We’ll explore the power behind loyalty and advocacy initiatives in both traditional and digital techniques.

ADMA offers a variety of marketing strategy courses, including this popular customer retention strategy course.

Learn to:

  • Build a retention plan / retention campaigns
  • Identify and understand customer loyalty
  • Avoid customer loyalty pitfalls
  • Communicate on another level with your customers
  • Use digital channels and social media to further engage with your customers
  • Select the best type of retention campaign for your business and adopt it
  • The keys to develop your own retention marketing strategy

Course Covers:

The content in this course will combine presentations, discussion and practical exercises to cover:

  • The loyalty model, looking at specifically what makes a customer disloyal, passive or an advocate.
  • Building your customer retention plan in 4 steps: understanding your customer, segmentation, mapping the experience and identifying opportunities to steer the relationship.
  • Retention campaigns suitable for different business objectives - lifecycle campaigns, cross sell and up sell using brilliant basics, proactive save, renewal, re-purchase and win-back techniques.

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