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Manage your marketing within the boundaries of privacy and compliance and get up to speed with current marketing content laws.

Know the law and navigate the legal pitfalls of data-driven marketing with ADMA IQ’s data privacy training for non-lawyers.

Connecting with your customer in the digital age can be tricky. In an online world it’s easier than ever, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Don’t risk your brand’s reputation by breaking the law.

With ADMA’s data privacy training, navigate the law like a pro. We’ll help you to view the complex details of compliance through a straightforward commercial lens. Legal-speak is out, marketing context is in!
In this course, you’ll spend 75% of your time understanding data privacy laws and 25% of your time understanding marketing content laws.

The data privacy portion deals mainly with the question of consent – how to ensure you obtain it in the first place and what to do if you don’t. It also deals with the sometimes-confusing rules governing what you can and can’t do with personally-identifiable data as well as how to approach personal communications.

The content portion covers the legal issues of creating and curating content, as well as the basics of promoting your products in a fair and competitive manner.

Duration: 1 day

Learn to:

  • Identify the legal and ethical boundaries for advertising content and promotional tactics
  • Determine the privacy compliance status of your existing customer data and how to gather data in a privacy-compliant way
  • How to manage personal communications and avoid the Spam trap
  • Assess your quality control and data security measures and control the sharing or disclosure of data with internal and external stakeholderManage your content development in line with ethics, fair practice guidelines and copyright laws
  • Be aware of other laws affecting marketing such as promotions and competitions

What the course covers:

  • Clear and simple guidelines to help you avoid the real danger of breaking the law by using your customer data in the wrong way
  • A set of rules to help you adjust your processes and policies for data collection so that you have the proper consent to cover your marketing activities in future
  • How to manage the risks of non-compliance in advertising, social media, blogs and website content

Who should do this course?

  • Marketing personnel who want to understand the complexities of the legislation delivered in a practical and commercial context
  • Personnel who are responsible for overseeing an organisation’s marketing and data privacy compliance
  • Data management specialists who need to ensure their operational practices are fully compliant with the law

Privacy & Marketing Compliance - AMI is part of Digital Marketing Certificate - AMI.

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