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Learn how to create powerful presentations for maximum impact. 

On this public speaking course you'll develop, build and present a powerful message; a must-have skill for all marketers, analysts and sales professionals.

Whether pitching an idea, reporting updates, or sharing information, being able to present well is half the battle. This one-day public speaking course shares practical tips, techniques and insights to become a better presenter.

If you ever need to communicate to one person, or many, this public speaking course will give you the confidence and skills to do it well.

ADMA's public speaking courses offer up-to-date content, relevant to today's needs in our industry.

Duration: In-class: 1 day, 9am - 5pm.

Learn to:

  • Plan, design, create, develop and present compelling presentations
  • Engage your audience through a more visual style
  • Structure your presentation to connect with all types of audience
  • Trust your content, to present with confidence and impact
  • Overcome nerves, audience questions and technical challenges

Course covers:

  • Setting public speaking presentation objectives and outcomes
  • Advanced techniques to connect and engage with the appropriate audience
  • Harnessing technology and tools
  • Structuring your content
  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Opening and closing tricks and tips
  • Using handouts and takeaways strategically
  • Developing posture, breathing, voice, pitch and timing for maximum effect
  • Using video, audio and imagery to add impact to presentations
  • Presenting without Powerpoint
  • Dealing with different size audiences - from one-on-one to one-to-many
  • Overcome the fear of public speaking
  • Understanding the power of storytelling, anecdotes and case studies
  • Appreciating how and when to use humour
  • Handling Q&As

Who should do this public speaking course:

  • Marketing professionals who want to present more easily, effectively and confidently
  • Suitable for both agency and client side teams 
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