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The email marketing course to take your email game to the next level.

Get more out of hitting ‘send’ with ADMA IQ’s Email Marketing course – an email campaign guide to boost your email marketing results with proven techniques, technical solutions and strategy improvements.

Email is not only one of the oldest online technologies, it’s also one of the most profitable – and with good reason. It’s one of the easiest mediums to test and optimise, and those collective learnings over the years have produced a highly versatile and effective marketing tool.

The downside is emails can easily be rejected by customers if they feel your emails are over-used and undervalued. ADMA IQ’s email marketing course will help you to re-think how you’re using email in the marketing mix and focus on the most up-to-date tactics and techniques to ensure your emails improve your customers’ experience and produce better results.

Duration: You can complete this email marketing course in one of two ways:

  • In-class: 1 day training course
  • Online: self-paced, up to 6 months to complete

Learn to:

  • Get the email marketing basics right, from strategy to delivery, email composition and conversion techniques
  • Focus on customer experience and targeting in a mobile-centric world
  • Acquire more opt-in emails with effective data gathering in compliance with the Spam Act
  • Use data-driven techniques to improve the targeting and relevance of email communications
  • Improve results and customer engagement with marketing automation
  • Concentrate your efforts on test and learn methods to continually improve

What this email marketing course covers:

Your in-class course covers:

  • Email strategy and an email campaign guide – where does email fit into the customer journey?
  • How to build a good email list
  • Deliverability – overcoming the hurdles on the way to the in-box
  • How to improve email performance – open rates, design and click-throughs
  • Using segmentation and personalisation to improve relevance
  • Automation – opportunities to automate for efficiency and improved response
  • What to test and how to test to continually improve
  • Fundamentals of the Spam ActAlternatively, you can cover this content online and broken down into the following modules:

Your online course covers:

You'll cover the same content online, broken down into the following modules:

  • Module 1: Email Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: Planning an Email Strategy
  • Module 3: Email Marketing Strategies
  • Module 4: Email Delivery
  • Module 5: Email Content and Design
  • Module 6: Data and Email Management
  • Module 7: Complying With The Spam Act and The Privacy Act
  • Module 8: Measuring Email Performance

Who should do this email marketing course?

  • Marketing professionals who are learning the ropes of email marketing and want to improve their skills in this valuable area
  • Email marketers with some experience who want to take their knowledge to the next level
  • Marketers who want to understand how best to use email marketing strategically to drive customer value
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