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Lead in the Digital Era with a framework that successfully engages with and digitally disrupts markets.

Equip business leaders with the tools and capabilities to interrogate, understand and execute strategies in digitally disrupted markets.

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Australia’s board and executive leadership teams are coming last in the digital race, as they have little to no engagement with digital transformation programs. Yet executive leadership is supposed to guide and build organisations’ futures based on current trends.

This intensive course provides senior management with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by digital disruption in their organisation, and gives them the basic tools tools to initiate their own transformation process.

This is a two-day course.

Learn to:

  • Understand the challenges and adopt the concepts necessary to change an organisation
  • Develop a  presence in the Digital Era
  • Utilise a PA proven framework which analyses company situations
  • Embrace on organisational change

Course covers:

Using a combination of presentations, discussions and hands-on practical exercises, we’ll examine:

  • The process involved in transforming into a digital organisation: The Three-Phase Journey
  • The barriers to digital transformation
  • Introduction to and application of the digital transformation framework
  • Leadership in the Digital Era - we’ll reflect on established best practices and incorporate qualitatively different elements of planning and execution to our own
  • Strategy and Planning - understanding technological innovations in a positive way
  • Execution - governance, digital literacy, human capital management, and change management

Who should do this course?

  • Company leadership including board members
  • C-Level executives (CEO, CIO, CMO, CDO and CFO)
  • Strategy managers
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • HR Directors


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