• Data-driven Marketing
Intermediate / Practitioner

Uncover insights and be more strategic with your data for better business.

Strategically put the customer at the centre of your marketing presence and make confident business decisions with ADMA IQ’s Data-Driven Marketing Strategy Course.

Make the most of your valuable data with a strategic approach to marketing. We’ll help you uncover insights about how customers interact with your brand and identify areas that would otherwise go undetected. Feel confident with this technical part of marketing and apply best practice in strategic level measurement.

Duration: 1 day (9am - 5pm)

Learn to:

  • Assess the quality of data, gathering it from reputable sources and interpreting the results to drive actionable insights
  • Select the appropriate data analysis technique in order to answer complex business problemsExamine how to manage and engage with challenging stakeholders
  • Talk to your data leaders and analysts with better understanding of the tasks they performTalk about data, uncover insights and see how useful the insights can be with better understanding of the processes that drive the business decisions
  • Articulate complex procedures to stakeholders and manage politics

What this data-driven marketing strategy course covers:

  • Module 1: Data Quality, Data Gathering and Interpretation
  • Module 2: Strategic-Level Measurement
  • Module 3: Business Advocacy
  • Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Module 5: Strategic Development

Who should do this data-driven marketing strategy course:

  • Marketers and Brand Managers who have some experience with data and technology but want to grow their confidence
  • Analysts who may have only one perspective of data, or be a specialist in one area of data, and want to broaden their skill base
  • Those marketing and advertising professionals who are new to data and keen to learn how to leverage data across a broad spectrum of decision making
  • Small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to learn more about data
  • Sales managers who need to understand how data-driven marketing works

To get the most from this course, it is recommended that you have completed the Data-driven Marketing Practitioner Course in advance or have a reasonable understanding of the basics of data-driven marketing.

Data-driven Marketing Strategy Course - AMI is part of Data-driven Marketing Certificate - AMI.

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