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Want to switch your thinking to data?

Learn to read, understand and apply data and data insights for effective marketing.

This course provides you with the skills to turn data results into insights and explains how you can successfully apply them to your campaigns and strategies. You’ll also see how data improves effectiveness, customer acquisition and retention, and the practical aspects of using it.

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Learn to:

  • Drive marketing objectives with data
  • Identify data sources and where and when to use them
  • Transform data into solutions from gathered analysis
  • Understand the practical aspects of working with data
  • Acquire and retain consumers through data
  • Understand and define analysis

Data-driven Marketing Course Covers:

Using practical exercises, in-class discussions and presentations, we’ll cover:

  • Transactional and traditional data sources
  • Owned digital assets; for example, websites and online assets like social communities and data insights
  • Other digital sources - think internet activity outside of an organisation’s owned assets
  • Research, publicly available data, and data aggregators
  • Insights derived from data and their marketing challenges and strengths
  • Segmentation, targeting and personalisation to help you identify key consumer behaviours, develop distinctive insights and optimise your marketing with the findings
  • Using data for planning, acquisition, engagement and retention
  • Defining the problem and desired outputs
  • Sourcing the right data – gathering, formatting and data hygiene
  • Matching, combining and transforming data
  • Analysis, interpretation, implementation and operation and using the right tools and systems

Who should do this course?

Brand Side Marketers

  • Content / Digital / Community/ Social/ Marketing Managers: who plan and manage content and use social media channels for distribution as part of a campaign or wider communications strategy.
  • Digital Producers / Digital Specialists / Content Publishers:  that are responsible for the execution or planning of content in social channels.
  • Community Managers / Content Managers: content managers, editors, curators or moderators.

Advertising Agency

  • Art Directors / Digital Designers: Creatives that need to understand what kind of content will be effective in different channels and help achieve campaign cut through. Those that  craft ideas which are social by design and engage with the online consumers.
  • Junior to Mid-level Account Service: who help shape and execute multi-channel campaigns.

Media Professionals

  • Media Planners / Strategists: That want to understand how consumers interact with social platforms and how new technologies shape the user experience online.

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