Data-driven Marketing and Advertising Course - AMI

  • Data
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Technology
  • Privacy and Compliance

Want to switch your thinking to data?

Explore data sources, techniques and marketing applications to become a confident data planner for your organisation.

The use of data permeates almost every aspect of modern marketing, so a high degree of data-literacy is essential for today's marketers. You don't need to become a statistician, but you do need to understand which data sources and techniques will really contribute to your marketing success, and that's what this course is all about.

Using a selection of practical models and real-life examples you'll be shown how to make the link between your marketing goals and the data, analysis and tools which can help you achieve them. You'll learn the principles of data management and quality control to support your efforts.

Duration: 1 day

Learn to:

  • Spot the best opportunities to use data to achieve your goals
  • Get your head around the myriad of data sources available
  • Understand the different techniques used to extract value from data
  • Develop insights into customer behaviour and motives
  • Analyse marketing performance data to optimise your tactics
  • Support your strategy with best practice data quality principles
  • Use technology to manage and harness your data potential

Course covers:

Over the course of the day you will cover all the essential elements you need to plan your data-driven marketing, including:

  • Where does data have the biggest impact?
  • How to combine different data sources to extract maximum value
  • Some of the most common types of data modelling with examples
  • An insight into the learning goldmine of web analytics
  • How to get started with media attribution and figure out what's really working
  • 6 essential steps to building your technology toolkit
  • Quick reality check! - avoiding the curse of bad quality and non-compliant data

Who should do this course?

  • Any marketer who knows their marketing could be more successful if they could use their data better, but needs some direction
  • People with a systems or analytical role who need to better understand how their efforts contribute to the success of marketing
  • Those in customer-facing roles in agencies and marketing services suppliers would also benefit

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