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Intermediate / Practitioner

Develop creative thinking to add leadership bite to your marketing capabilities.

How do you become more effective in your role and prepare yourself for greater leadership responsibilities given the rapidly changing digital world?

This one day course will equip you with a set of tools to tackle a range of creative skills needed to become a high value marketer and stand out in the crowd.

The course is broken into modules where through discussions, learning practical tips and some practice you can build your own portfolio of creative leadership thinking.

Duration: In-class: 1 day, 9am - 5pm.

Learn to:

  • Understand why Creative leadership skills are vital for anyone to succeed in the Advanced Digital World
  • Understand several different approaches to solve problems and consumer need with an additional range of design thinking options
  • Consider the creative elements that combine to create an emotional video campaign
  • Appreciate the role of thought leadership with a brand to drive new sales and marketing connections
  • Use the new immersive approaches to connect consumers with VR AR and game playing

Course covers:

This course covers six modules:

  • Why is Creative Thinking and Creative Leadership so important?
  • Creative collaboration with stakeholders/clients and leadership
  • Brining emotional storytelling to life using video techniques
  • The central role you can play as a champion of end to end consumer led experiences
  • How holistic KPI’s will drive personal and business leadership success
  • Designing and delivering marketing led thought leadership
  • Creating meaningful connections in the new immersive environment of VR, AR and game play


This is a peer learning experience, with individuals developing better soft skills through discussions, learning practical content/approaches then practicing and demonstrating in class along with a take home task to test your skills in a personal way.

Who should do this course:

This course is ideal for the confident marketing professional, across one or more disciplines of data driven marketing, consumer experience or content marketing. 

This course develops the creative thinking skills which are becoming increasingly essential for those that want to extend their leadership/managerial/collaboration skills to have greater impact across their business whatever their current capacity.

Weaving these soft skills into their deep professional skills will develop stronger capacity to extend outside their chosen area and is essential for those that want to lead teams or step across to other parts of the organisation.

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