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Calling all senior creatives! Step up and develop business leadership skills you need to improve your everyday effectiveness.

Becoming a good leader in the new digital economy is not an easy task. This ADMA creative leadership course builds your confidence and ability to become a high impact leader in a creative marketing environment.

Winning the promotion and becoming a senior manager might not mean you are ready to lead confidently. As you take on more responsibility and manage a team or sets of teams, there are many opportunities and challenges to tackle every single day.

The good news is that creative leadership is a set of skills that you can develop that are incredibly useful throughout your career, wherever you work and in whatever role you take.

This course will help you develop a creative culture, how to nurture creative talent, how to build trusted business relationships that allow you and others to succeed and how to link business and creative needs with technology and innovation.

Duration: 1 day (requires 20 min. online preparation), 9am - 5pm. and includes 1hr webinar review session - 2/3 weeks after course

Learn to:

  • Build a creative culture within your business team and strengthen collaborative relationships with your peers and stakeholders
  • Develop holistic KPI’s that inspire and encourage your team
  • Keep up with technology innovation that is always one step ahead
  • Deal with many types of C-suite leadership styles and adapt your messaging for success
  • Think positively on coaching and nurturing to build talent
  • Build your own portfolio of creative leadership thinking.

What the course covers:

  • Why is Creative Leadership so important?
  • Shaping a truly creative culture
  • Nurturing creative talent
  • Building trusted business relationships
  • Connecting technology and innovation
  • Bringing Creative Leadership to Life – student practice activity


  • Review and discuss student practice results as a group


Who should do this leadership course:

  • Leaders shifting from people management into more senior roles which will include more cross-company, cross-client and C-suite level interactions.
  • Either client–side or brand marketing, creative, production or agency managers.
  • Those looking to move to marketing and brand manager roles, those with ambitions to be Head of Marketing or other multi-discipline leaders.
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