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Discover the role of content planning and how to drive engagement with a content marketing strategy course for big-picture thinkers.

Learn how to work smarter, not harder, with ADMA IQ’s Content Marketing Strategy Course. From the basics of content planning to the role it plays in successful business strategies, take your online engagement to the next level.

Content is king – but only if it’s done right. Using best practice case studies, we’ll walk you through all the components of an effective content marketing strategy, helping you master how to create, distribute and manage content that converts.

Duration: You can complete this content marketing strategy course in one of two ways:

  • In-class: 1 day training course
  • Online: Self-paced, up to 6 months to complete

Learn to:

  • Understand how content facilitates a connection with customers online throughout their purchase decision
  • Map an effective content strategy to the customer life cycle to achieve results
  • Explore content publication processes and technologies
  • Optimise content for maximum impact and measure its effectiveness

What the course covers:

Your in-class course covers:

  • The fundamentals of content creation and strategy, content publication processes, how to manage content, content planning and how to optimise content
  • In-class discussion and practical exercises, exploring consumer behaviour and how you can develop your content marketing strategy to be a powerful engagement tool
  • How to engage consumers in a conversation with your brand story

Your online course covers:

You'll cover the same content online, broken down into the following modules:

  • Module 1: Content Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: Planning a Content Strategy
  • Module 3: Mapping Content to Audience
  • Module 4: Content Creation and Production
  • Module 5: Content Distribution
  • Module 6: Measuring Content Marketing

Who should do this course?

  • Digital marketing specialists who want to broaden their knowledge of, or specialise in, content marketing
  • Managers that have a solid experience in integrated marketing campaigns but need to understand content lead marketing strategies
  • Marketing Directors that need to include content strategy in their overall communications planning
  • Advertising agency professionals at all levels that need to understand the role content plays in marketing communications
  • Media planners looking for a comprehensive understanding of content marketing at a strategic level

Content Marketing Strategy - AMI is part of Content Marketing Certificate - AMI.

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