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Dramatically improve your CRO results.

The difference in achieving average and outstanding Conversion Rate Optimisation results comes down to two things – skill & experience.

In this advanced course, you'll learn to improve your skills at optimising conversion rates, and your experience by working on live case studies supervised by the best experts in the field for you to become part of the top 1% of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) professionals globally.

Duration: (5 intensive days) - One day per fortnight over 10 weeks. Classes start 17/08/2017

Learn to:

  • Apply a conversion formula tested in more than 20 markets and 200 projects across the globe
  • Identify the best CRO Strategy to help you achieve your digital marketing objectives
  • Achieve double- and triple-digit conversion impact in a single A/B, MV, Multipage, Form and Funnel test
  • Identify the most valuable pages to optimise first using a powerful ranking system
  • Use some uncommon tools that can have a huge impact on results
  • Dramatically increase your test velocity
  • Apply a 'growth hacking' mindset to your Conversion Rate Optimisation approach
  • Understand what the best Conversion Rate Optimisation professionals are doing in the US and UK in 2017
  • Build, nurture and grow a CRO team using a combination of internal and external resources
  • Manage 3rd party audience integration or other more advanced CRO, personalisation and segmentation techniques

Course covers:

  • Advanced conversion rate optimisation
  • Digital Insights at the heart of CRO; need to know vs nice to know and going beyond the basic funnel, e.g. form analytics and identifying the overall impact of a test
  • Speeding up test implementation
  • Best conversion rate optimisation workflows and ideation at scale
  • Optimising the full user journey; the crucial relationship between SEM, SEO and CRO
  • How to deal with CRO political challenges internally
  • Up-skilling and scaling up your optimisation team
  • How to develop your own conversion rate optimisation prediction skill and accuracy
  • Effectively using Personalisation and advanced segmentation
  • How to build out a real "optimisation" and "test everything" culture across the entire business
  • Exclusive Bootcamp working live with the experts on day 5 for hands-on learning.


  • Final exam

If you are after a less comprehensive version of this course, please check the Conversion Rate Optimisation Course

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for professionals heavily involved in conversion rate optimisation and A/B testing on a day-to-day basis. You should have already launched at least 20 A/B tests within your organisation and consider yourself very skilled at Conversion Rate Optimisation to get the most from this course.

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