Senior Marketer Skills Package

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Be a more effective leader, get up to speed on digital and content marketing at your own pace

Get up to speed on the latest digital concepts and content to become a more effective leader

Those of us marketers that cut our teeth in a more traditional environment can sometimes find it challenging to understand all the new digital concepts as well as to lead more junior staff who already have these skills.

In response to this, we have developed this package so that senior marketers can get the key skills to lead today, as well as prepare for their future marketing roles.

  • Duration: Online, study anytime over a period of six months.
  • Note: this introductory package is available until June 2017

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Learn to

This package will enhance your knowledge of the core practices and principles of digital marketing, the basics of marketing automation and content marketing, and all the information you need on what digital transformation is and how to go about it.

Course covers

This package is composed of 4 different online short courses, and each online course is composed of online modules. You can take the courses in any order you want, however it is recommended to start with the Digital Marketing Foundations course.

Digital Marketing Foundations Online

During this course, you’ll be provided with an outline of the core foundations and principles of digital marketing. Explore the role of data and content and how this can shape customer experience. All of this will be broken down into the following modules:

  • Module 1: Digital Landscape
  • Module 2: Digital Strategy
  • Module 3: Customer Experience
  • Module 4: Content Creation and Planning
  • Module 5: Data Foundation and Planning
  • Module 6: Data Analytics

Digital Transformation Online

Discover the significance of digital disruption, the operational process and how it’s challenging traditional business models. Plus, examine real-world case studies of how successful business implementations. All of this will be broken down into the following modules:

  • Module 1: What is Digital Transformation
  • Module 2: Digital Transformation Drivers
  • Module 3: Customer Experience
  • Module 4: Skills and Structure
  • Module 5: Business Models
  • Module 6: The Transformation Process

Marketing Automation Online

During this course, we’ll discuss effective implementation of marketing automation, what to do with it and how it enables a successful business strategy. Looking at your business/organisation, we’ll assess if you have the necessary foundations for successful marketing automation. The importance of data, establishing your own nurturing programs and how to measure and manage lead scoring will also be explained. Finally, you’ll see why sales and marketing must align to achieve success. All of this is broken down into the following modules:

  • Module 1: What is Marketing Automation
  • Module 2: Why Use Marketing Automation
  • Module 3: Understanding the Consumer
  • Module 4: Attract Customers and Build Relationships
  • Module 5: Enhance Performance
  • Module 6: Marketing Automation Implementation

Content Marketing Strategy Online

This content marketing training covers the basics of content marketing as well as content creation and strategy, content publication processes, how to manage content and how to optimise content. In this course we’ll explore how consumer behaviour fuels this power and how you can develop your content marketing strategy to be just as powerful. Plus, learn how to properly measure its effectiveness. All of this will be broken down into the following modules

  • Module 1: Content Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: Planning a Content Strategy
  • Module 3: Mapping Content to Audience
  • Module 4: Content Creation and Production
  • Module 5: Content Distribution
  • Module 6: Measuring Content Marketing

Who should do this course

  • Senior executives and senior level marketing decision makers who need to understand digital and content marketing
  • Business Managers who need to understand the potential of and mechanics behind digital transformation
  • Marketers or anyone in the digital space who need to engage key stakeholder buy-in for digital
  • Digital Marketing Managers starting their career in digital
  • Business leaders
  • Demand Generation Managers
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