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  • Privacy and Compliance
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Understand how to comply with the Spam Act and the Privacy Act.

Learn to:

  • Three key requirements of the Spam Act 2003 and exemptions that apply
  • Understand the implications of the 2014 amendments to the Privacy Act

Module covers:

  • The Spam Act
  • The Privacy Act
  • Fines and enforcement
  • Transparency and customer expectations
  • Data collection

Complying with the Spam Act and the Privacy Act  module is part of the Privacy and Marketing Compliance course:

This course is designed to help marketers and advertisers adopt best practices in regulatory compliance. Learn not just to protect your reputation but to enhance it by moving beyond compliance and incorporating consumer preferences and expectations into your marketing and advertising practices.

All topics are viewed from a marketer’s viewpoint, looking at the regulatory world through a commercial lens so that obligations are easy to understand and follow. Beginning with content development, intellectual property and competitions.

  • Module 1: Marketing & Advertising Content
  • Module 2: Competitions & Prize Giveaways
  • Module 3: Intellectual Property: copyright & trade marks
  • Module 4: Privacy

Who should do this module?

  • Any marketer and advertiser concerned with the financial, corporate and industry repercussions of failing to comply with the Australian laws.
  • Anyone wanting a refresher on how to make informed decisions when it comes to marketing compliance.

Complying with The Spam Act and The Privacy Act (online module) is part of Privacy & Marketing Compliance.

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