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Entry / Job ready

Identify different domains of analytics, how data is used in each of these, as well as statistical fundamentals.

Learn to:

  • Differentiate between the domains of Analytics and respective techniques to meet objectives
  • Identify how data is used for Analytics
  • Describe some statistical fundamentals of analytics.
  • Identify some common analytics techniques.

Course covers:

The Analytic Techniques module, explores the 8 stages of analytics that progress from reactive to predictive.  At each stage explore the various techniques including test analytics, machine learning, working with data, hypotheses testing, validation and common data mining algorithms.

Analytics Techniques is part of the Analytics Fundamentals course.

Who should do this module?

  • Junior professionals that have been in the workforce for 1-2 years and would like to move into analytics but have no previous experience.
  • Those new to analytics roles but without formal analytics qualifications. For example, those in numeric or analytics associated roles could use this course as a primer for entry into a full time analytics role.
  • Those wishing to cross-over to analytics from finance, operations or IT.
  • Marketers or media professionals who need to have a fundamental understanding of analytics.
  • Marketers or media professionals or whose role has changed and now requires a basic understanding of analytics to better understand campaign performance or customer data.

Analytics Techniques (online module) is part of Analytics Fundamentals Course.

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