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Look to the future – use advanced analysis to confidently forecast your business activity.

Like a business crystal ball, IQ’s predictive analysis courses give you the power to predict business opportunities and challenges.

You’ve seen how predictive analytics tools can benefit your business, now it’s time to dial up your skills. Discover how, through advanced analysis, you can forecast, model and optimise data to create site traffic modelling for opportunities and prevent loss.

Duration:​ 10-15 hours of content, self-paced course, up to 6 months to complete

Learn to:

  • Connect analytics with business goals
  • Determine key data types and methods adopted to treat data anomalies and categorical variables
  • Identify techniques used in variable exploration and understand when to use variable sampling techniques
  • Apply different predictive modelling techniques and understand the considerations for selecting your analysis method

What this predictive analysis course covers:

Looking at predictive analytics in marketing, this advanced analysis online course will take you through relevant examples of datasets, the challenges faced, and how to interpret results.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Predictive Analytics
  • Module 2: Developing a Business Case
  • Module 3: Data Reduction
  • Module 4: Variable Exploration & Model Feasibility
  • Module 5: Sample Design
  • Module 6: Predictive Modelling Techniques
  • Module 7: Evaluation Model Effectiveness

Who should do this practical predictive analysis course?

  • This is an advanced analysis course for analytics professionals keen to move into the field of predictive analytics including models, forecasting and data science
  • As a guide, you should have over 3 years’ experience in analytics, either from education or experience, and have ideally spent some time working in the field

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Practical Predictive Analytics Course is part of Analytics Certificate and Analytics Certificate.

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