Digital Marketing Campaign Planning And Management Course

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Entry / Job ready

Harness the power of digital campaign planning and discover how digital marketing can make your campaigns thrive.

Need to step into the now and create digitally driven campaigns? Broaden your digital campaign planning skill base and start an ADMA digital marketing course online today.

During this digital marketing course, online you’ll explore the practical elements of digital marketing, and how you can use them within your brand’s activity. You’ll learn to determine the right resources, budget plan and identify opportunities for optimisation – everything you need to know to make your next campaign a success.

Duration: 8-10 hours of content, available for 6 months.

Learn to:

  • Manage, plan, budget and optimise digital channels within your campaign for better customer engagement, acquisition and retention
  • Identify digital partners, budget digital activity, successfully use digital channels and optimise them through testing and measurement
  • Understand differences between consumer awareness, acquisition and retention when using digital channels

What the course covers:

  • Module 1: Finding The Right Digital Partners
  • Module 2: Budgeting
  • Module 3: Campaign Planning
  • Module 4: Optimisation

Who should do this digital marketing online course?

  • Marketers who have some experience in digital but want to grow their confidence
  • Professionals who have specialist digital experience and want to broaden their skill base
  • Marketing and advertising professionals who are new to digital and keen to learn how to leverage digital across a broad spectrum of channels
  • Small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to learn more about digital
  • Sales people who need to understand how marketing works

ADMA offers a variety of digital marketing courses online or in-class.

Digital Marketing Campaign Planning And Management Course is part of Digital Marketing Certificate.

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