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An everyday data analysis course to help you find, convert and keep customers.

Get the data visualisation training you need to leverage the power of data analysis with IQ’s Data Analysis Course for Marketers.

Whether you’re in planning, implementing or review mode, this data analysis course will open your mind to the extensive possibilities for enriching your marketing through analysis. Through hands-on practice, with a selection of powerful easy-to-use tools, you’ll also discover that analysis is no longer reserved for specialists – any marketer with a reasonable grasp of numbers can do it!

Duration:  1 day, 9am - 5pm.

In this data analysis course, learn to:

  • Assess data value and viability inside and outside your organisation
  • Use data analysis to identify patterns and expose trends
  • Analyse big data to drive sales and gain insight from customer data for marketing strategy and communication purposes
  • Adopt effective data management and processing practices
  • Access high performance analysis tools to tackle important marketing challenges

What this data analysis course covers:

This is a highly ‘hands-on’ course. Bring your laptop and be prepared to do some analysis using some best-in-class tools and simulated customer datasets. Find out just how intuitive and accessible data analysis is. Some of the specifics we’ll cover are:

  • Preparing for analysis – goals, data sources, rules and processes
  • Using choice modelling to answer positioning and creative questions
  • Data visualisation for segmentation and customer journey mapping
  • Social media monitoring – unravelling the buzz 
  • Web analytics – what are the most useful insights?
  • Media attribution – how to boost media efficiency
  • Learning by doing – pre-test planning and post-test review
  • Predictive analytics – right product, right-time, right place

Who should do this data analysis course?

  • Marketers who want to understand how to use analysis to inform their marketing decisions
  • Agency and consultancy staff who want to enhance their own services by becoming “analysis-literate”
  • Anyone who wants to tackle some simulated marketing challenges using a range of highly accessible and useful tools

Hear what our past students say about this course

Louise Ferguson's Data Analysis for marketers testimonial

Louise Ferguson, Hardie Grant

The data for marketers course gave me a lot of key insights to take away and apply to my business.

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