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Are you looking to develop your copywriting skills?

Discover the essential techniques for writing effective copy.

A popular copywriting course that explores the structure, rules and techniques in copywriting. Learn to craft compelling headlines, structure documents and most importantly, engage your reader.

ADMA offers this copywriting course online as well as in many major Australian cities. Check them out on our website to find which one is right for you.

Learn to:

  • Articulate an idea in a language that is both concise and engaging for others to read
  • Craft compelling headlines
  • Structure copy: beginning, middle and end
  • Manage the approval process
  • Tailor your copy for each social channel
  • Identify the appropriate medium for your copy

Course covers:

We’ll follow practical exercises and use relevant examples as guidelines to help you structure your writing and adopt a process. Discuss the right questions to ask, tools and resources to draw upon, as well as the importance of the brief.

Learn to set a structure, write compelling propositions, develop and craft concepts via the 4 proven formulae. We’ll also look at simple and colloquial copy, how to close the loop, and legals and mandatories you should consider when writing.

Alternatively you can cover this content online and broken down into the following modules:

  • Module 1: Copywriting Foundations
  • Module 2: Creative with Copy
  • Module 3: Copywriting Techniques
  • Module 4: Writing for Digital

Who should do this course?

Brand Side Marketers

  • Content / Digital / Community/ Social/ Marketing Managers: who plan and manage content and use social media channels for distribution as part of a campaign or wider communications strategy.
  • Digital Producers / Digital Specialists / Content Publishers:  that are responsible for the execution or planning of content in social channels.
  • Community Managers / Content Managers: content managers, editors, curators or moderators.

Advertising Agency

  • Art Directors / Digital Designers: Creatives that need to understand what kind of content will be effective in different channels and help achieve campaign cut through. Those that  craft ideas which are social by design and engage with the online consumers.
  • Junior to Mid-level Account Service: who help shape and execute multi-channel campaigns.

Media Professionals

  • Media Planners / Strategists: That want to understand how consumers interact with social platforms and how new technologies shape the user experience online.

Copywriting Essentials - AIST is part of Content Marketing Certificate.

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