Create efficient and effective B2B marketing strategies by ensuring your customer is at the heart of all your marketing activities

Learn how to create a compelling experience for your B2B customers and ensure your sales funnel is optimsed for conversion and ABM selling.

Duration: 2 half days in the virtual classroom
Date: 9:00am - 1:00pm each day (AEST), 31 May - 1 June 2022. 

Customer Journeys have become a standard tool for businesses to understand the decision making process consumers go through when choosing high involvement or high value products. But what happens when businesses make complex purchases? Different departments are involved, products are evaluated from a range of different perspectives, and different people are needed to make decisions all through the process. So mapping an individual's journey doesn't really help.

This course will teach you how to use Customer Journeys in a B2B context, covering sales and acquisition journeys (including tenders and procurement processes), relationship development journeys (including account based marketing approaches) and B2B2C journeys - where businesses sell through brokers, dealerships, franchises or retailers rather than direct to consumer.

In this B2B Customer Journey mapping course, you’ll learn how to use customer research, analytics and the different tools that will help you draw insights from data to create a compelling corporate or business customer experience. We’ll show you how to put your business target at the centre of your marketing, and how to unlock a deeper understanding of the journey they go through to engage with your category, brand and product.

The course is a mixture of theory and practical application – you will work in a group to develop a sample B2B customer engagement, identify the key roles in your business target, and develop a B2B purchase journey, so you can apply the templates and theory to a practical example.

The course will include examples of B2B and B2B2C journeys, and involve a series of hands on exercises using the templates provided.

Learn to:

  • Understand the different types of journeys relevant to the B2B world, and the types of business challenges they can be used to solve
  • Relate business objectives with potential B2B journeys, and identify journeys worth mapping
  • Identify and understand the key audiences involved in a specific journey, develop a detailed B2B journey outlining how these segments are involved and interact
  • Validate your journeys through research and data, and extend your Customer Journeys to become experience maps that include channel, content and functionality requirements
  • Understand how your experience maps can then feed into channel plans, content plans and CRM strategies that are fundamentally customer centric

Course covers:

  • Why Customer Journeys have become an extremely useful tool for marketers, and they can be used in the B2B context
  • The process for deciding which journeys to map, indentify the key audiences, and how to create an assumptive Customer Journey
  • How to validate your journey through data and research
  • How your journey can then be used to improve business outcomes

A range of templates covering all aspects of the process:

  • Templates and framework for customer segmentation and personas
  • Template for a B2B Acquistion journey map, and a B2B2C relationship journey map
  • Examples and case studies of Customer Journey mapping and subsequent business outcomes
  • Interactive exercises throughout the day allowing you to develop the framework for your own Customer Journeys

Who should do the course

Brand side marketers and sales teams

  • Managers who plan and manage B2B marketing and digital activities as part of a campaign or wider communications strategy
  • Digital content marketers responsible for the execution or planning of how digital and offline channels are used


  • Agency professionals involved in developing customer insights, writing briefs, creating channel plans, developing campaign structures and eco-systems for their B2B clients


  • Media planners that want to understand how B2B consumers interact with a range of platforms and channels as part of their Customer Journey to improve media planning

Hear what our past students say about this course:

“The course provided a great balance of Customer Journey theory, with workshops and round table discussion with other participants. Our presenter also did well to adapt the content to our real-life use cases, specific roles and categories.”
Digital Marketing Manager – Coles

Why is Mike excitied to teach this course?

Customer Journeys are the cornerstone of strong marketing and digital strategy, and being increasingly recognised as a key foundation for digital transformation projects. However, up until now, there has been little specialism around this space for B2B, with practioners in that space having to try and apply B2C principles to their own unique challenges. I have seen this struggle both in the CJM courses we currently run, and when working with clients, and think there is a real opportunity for a dedicated course in this space.

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