Online Certificate Bundle

Buy our popular Digital Marketing Certificate Online course and receive bonus Data Visualisation Online course FREE.  Refine your digital marketing skill set and also learn how to tell impactful stories with your data.

Course 1: Digital Marketing Certificate

Understand the digital landscape and develop an actionable digital strategy for your business.

Duration: 25-30 hours of content, self-paced online course, up to 6 months

Learn to:

  • Steps to creating a robust digital marketing strategy
  • How personalization can play a role in your messaging
  • Best practice and benchmarks for each digital channel
  • How to implement and use data and technology

Course 2: Data Visualisation

Unlock the secrets of data and learn to translate data into visual and insightful stories with a data visualisation course for the real world.

Duration: 8-10 hours of content, self-paced online course, up to 6 months

Learn to:

  • Define what data visualisation is and identify different examples of data visualisation you can use to enhance your business
  • Identify analytics tools that can help you discover data, determine the types of variables in data visualisation and identify the relationships of data visualisation
  • Understand both how to make data memorable and the techniques involved in visual storytelling for your audience
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