Data-driven Marketing Certificate

Certificate: DDMCC
  • Data-driven Marketing
Advanced / Senior leader

Unlock the power of data in your marketing strategies with ADMA's Data-driven Marketing Certificate

Learn how to strategically leverage data to elevate your marketing efforts – and achieve results. 

Through this course you’ll explore the elements of data-driven marketing and gain the skills to use it confidently. You’ll consider data across the whole marketing mix, and understand the strategic impact of using data for acquisition, growth and retention purposes.

If you’re a marketing or advertising professional but new the world of data, this certificate is for you. You’ll walk away with a strategic framework for how you manage and apply data around customer behaviour and interactions with your brand.

This  hands-on course includes workshop exercises and homework that will get you to apply your learnings against your own business challenges straight away.
To get your certificate, you need to complete your assessment, which is based on your final presentation and participation throughout the course.

Get the most up-to-date data-driven marketing qualification from the leading provider of marketing education in Australia

Duration: 4 days, once per fortnight over 7 weeks

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Learn to:

  • Understand and apply data-driven marketing techniques to help achieve your business objectives
  • Brief your analytics teams effectively
  • Leverage your martech stack
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan
  • Show leadership in data governance

Course Covers

Day One 

  • What is data-driven marketing?
  • Where does the data come from including types of data and ownership?
  • Collection methodologies and data value exchange
  • Ways to unlock insights and predictions
  • Real world data-driven marketing case studies
  • The future of Data

Day Two – Strategy 

  • Data in action - examples of how marketers are applying data

  • Strategic framework
  • Measurement, tracking and attribution
  • Workshop your own strategy

Day Three – Leadership 

  • Data privacy considerations
  • Data operations and governance – responsibilities and KPIs
  • Leadership principles
  • Reviewing your Martech stack and data ecosystem
  • Cross functional management – stakeholders and data partners
  • Workshop your own strategy

Day Four – Individual Assessment

  • Presentation to the group

Who should do this course?

  • Marketing professionals and executives responsible for the development and implementation of a customer strategy and/or retention and loyalty strategy.
  • Marketers and Brand Managers with some experience with data and technology but want to grow their confidence.
  • Analysts who may have only one perspective of data, or be a specialist in one area of data and want to broaden their skills.
  • Marketing and advertising professionals new to data and keen to learn how to leverage data across a broad spectrum of decision making.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses looking to learn more about data.
  • Sales managers who need to understand how data-driven marketing works.


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