Data-driven Marketing Certificate

Certificate: DDMCC
  • Data-driven Marketing
Advanced / Senior leader

All you need to know about data-driven marketing

Learn how to leverage technology and data to drive actionable results to advance your work and your career.  

In this certificate in data-driven marketing, you’ll explore data-driven marketing and learn the skills to use it confidently. The course covers the complete marketing mix using data and what’s relevant for both in-house and outsourced data roles and requirements.

To get the most from this course, it is recommended that you have completed the Data Analysis for Marketers course in advance or have a reasonable understanding of the basics of data analysis techniques.

Duration: 3.5 days, once per fortnight over 7 weeks

Learn to:

  • Understand and utilise data-driven marketing to help achieve your business objectives
  • Integrate data-driven marketing into your overall business and strategies
  • Assess and apply various data sources to solve business problems
  • Obtain data-driven marketing qualifications from the leading provider of marketing education in Australia 

Course covers:

Through discussions, presentations and theoretical exercises in class over three 1-day courses, we’ll cover:

Day 1: Data-driven Practitioner Course

  • Module 1: Defining Data-driven Marketing
  • Module 2: Typical Business Challenges
  • Module 3: Analytical Techniques
  • Module 4: The Importance of Testing
  • Module 5: Metrics for Measuring Marketing Performance
  • Module 6: How to Build a Team of Data Experts

Day 2: Data-driven Marketing Strategy Course

  • Module 1: Data Quality, Data Gathering and Interpretation
  • Module 2: Strategic Level Measurement
  • Module 3: Business Advocacy
  • Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Module 5: Strategic Development

Day 3: Data-driven Marketing Leadership Course

  • Module 1: Business Operations & Governance
  • Module 2: Data Team Leadership
  • Module 3: Cross-functional management & integration
  • Module 4: Operational management

Day 4: Assessment

  • Assessment: Individual Presentation

Who should do this course?

  • Marketers and Brand Managers who have some experience with data and technology but want to grow their confidence
  • Analysts who may have only one perspective of data, or be a specialist in one area of data and want to broaden their skill base
  • Marketing and advertising professionals who are new to data and keen to learn how to leverage data across a broad spectrum of decision making
  • Small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to learn more about data
  • Sales managers who need to understand how data-driven marketing works


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