Content Marketing Certificate - AIST

Certificate: CCCMKONL-AIST
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Talk to your consumers in a way they’ll listen to.

Discover the full scope of social media and content marketing and cover all elements of an effective content strategy.

In the modern marketing world, content is king, which is why content marketing training is so important. So having a planned content strategy that communicates and engages consumers is vital to the success of a brand or business.

In this online certificate, you’ll learn to plan, create and implement a successful content strategy that effectively engages consumers You’ll also delve into content creation - including copywriting and how to leverage social networks to engage consumers.

Learn to:

  • Create engaging content that cuts through and drives engagement
  • Understand the social media landscape and major channels
  • Channel plan and recognise the most suitable channels for your business
  • Measure and optimise content
  • Facilitate a connection with customers based on their purchase decision
  • Develop and implement a content marketing strategy
  • Understand and use content planning, distribution and amplification

Course covers:

Course 1: Content Marketing Strategy

  • Module 1 - Content Marketing Overview
  • Module 2 - Planning Content Strategy
  • Module 3 - Mapping Content to Audience
  • Module 4 - Content Creation and Production
  • Module 5 - Content Distribution
  • Module 6 - Measuring Content Marketing

Course 2: Content for Social Networks

  • Module 1 - Social Media Channels
  • Module 2 - Facebook
  • Module 3 - Twitter
  • Module 4 - Instagram
  • Module 5 - YouTube
  • Module 6 - LinkedIn
  • Module 7 - Pinterest
  • Module 8 - Emerging Channels

Course 3: Social Media Marketing Essentials

  • Module 1 - The Social Media Landscape
  • Module 2 - CampaignAnalysis
  • Module 3 - Campaign -Planning
  • Module 4 - Content Creation
  • Module 5 - – Content Distribution
  • Module 6 - Managing Campaigns

Course 4: Copywriting Essentials

  • Module 1 - Copywriting Foundations
  • Module 2 - Creativity with Copy
  • Module 3 - Copywriting Techniques
  • Module 4 - Writing for Digital

Assessment includes:

  • In-module questions and activities
  • Final online exam

Who should do this certificate?

Brand Side Marketers

  • Content / Digital / Community/ Social/ Marketing Managers: who plan and manage content and use social media channels for distribution as part of a campaign or wider communications strategy
  • Digital Producers / Digital Specialists / Content Publishers:  that are responsible for the execution or planning of content in social channels
  • Community Managers / Content Managers: content managers, editors, curators or moderators

Advertising Agency

  • Art Directors / Digital Designers: Creatives that need to understand what kind of content will be effective in different channels and help achieve campaign cut through. Those that  craft ideas which are social by design and engage with the online consumers.
  • Junior to Mid-level Account Service: who help shape and execute multi-channel campaigns

Media Professionals

  • Media Planners / Strategists:  That want to understand how consumers interact with social platforms and how new technologies shape the user experience online
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