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Data Analytics - learn how to collect, measure and analyse your digital data

The Data Analytics certificate will cover main data analytics tools and platforms as well as help you understand how to translate data into meaningful insights.

In this course you will explore practical ways to use data analytics to improve your business performance. Learn about your customers’ online behaviour patterns and make better business decisions.

Developed by leading industry practitioners, this online data analytics Certificate is derived from IAPA’s four base courses: Analytics Fundamentals, Visualisation, Sentiment Analysis and Practical Predictive Analytics provide a sound base for anyone starting a career in analytics, or those wanting greater exposure to data prediction tools.

Data analytics courses are designed for those who are curious in nature, enjoy problem-solving and prefer a self-learning, exploratory approach to knowledge.

Duration:  Up to 6 months.

Learn about:

  • Analytics principles and data lifecycle
  • Analytical tools and techniques
  • Data visualisation
  • Data predictive analytics and predictive modelling
  • Data modelling effectiveness

Analytics Certificate covers:

In this online course, you’ll look at defining analytics and the lifecycle, tools for analytics, delivering results and how to predict trends. Once we have thoroughly explored the fundamentals, we’ll also look at data visualisation, developing a business case, data reduction, sample design and predictive modelling techniques. This will all be broken down into the following online courses and modules:

Course 1: Analytics Fundamentals

  • Module 1: Defining Analytics
  • Module 2: Analytics Lifecycle
  • Module 3: Analytics Techniques
  • Module 4: Tools for Analytics I
  • Module 5: Tools for Analytics II
  • Module 5: Delivering Results
  • Module 6: Emerging Trends

Course 2: Data Visualisation

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Visualisation
  • Module 2: Discovering Data Visualisation
  • Module 3: Storytelling with Data
  • Module 4: How to Present Data

Course 3: Practical Predictive Analytics

  • Module 1: Introduction to Analytics
  • Module 2: Developing a Business Case
  • Module 3: Data Reduction
  • Module 4: Variable Exploration & Model Feasibility
  • Module 5: Sample Design
  • Module 6: Predictive Modelling Techniques
  • Module 7: Evaluating Model Effectiveness

Course 4: Sentiment Analysis

  • Module 1: What is Sentiment Analysis?
  • Module 2: Text Analysis
  • Module 3: Data Pre-processing
  • Module 4: Measuring Sentiment


  • In-module questions and activities
  • Final online exam

Who should do this Data Analytics course?

  • Those new to analytics
  • Those managing analytics teams


Upon successful completion of the Analytics Certificate course, you will be awarded with an ADMA digital badge as recognition of your commitment to the program. Find out more about ADMA Digital Badges.

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