In-house Social Media for the C-Suite Masterclass

Course: SMCSM-H
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Advanced / Senior leader

Increasingly, organisations of all shapes and sizes are adopting a “social first” approach to how they acquire, engage and sell. This methodology works best when the senior leadership team not only understand but practice and advocate social authentically from the top down.

Social media has changed the marketing, communications and advertising landscape forever. In just a few short years, social and digital spend has outpaced traditional advertising spend on television, heralding a new media era. This highly topical masterclass is designed specifically for the C-Suite and is divided into 2 chapters:

  1. The State of Social Media in 2018: a wide-ranging presentation about the current social media landscape in 2018 – where we’ve come from, trends and user behaviour, best practice and where social media is headed in the next 12 months. We’ll cover both sides of the equation looking at social’s transformational power in business to its disruptive force levelling the playing field and enabling start-ups to usurp powerful incumbents
  2. Social for CXO’s: building, maintaining and leveraging your presence on social media – this is where we put theory aside and look at how some of the most forward-thinking CXO’s around the world communicate on social media. We’ll cover pros and cons, resource requirements, risk management and how you can effectively build your brand and your organisation’s brand in parallel

Customisation Options

This course has been created from our industry leading Social Media Marketing Essentials and Social Media Marketing Strategy courses with new material relevant to the C-Suite and business leaders. The customisation options for this course include;

  • Presentation style to be tailored to align with attendees’ content and learning expectations
  • Examples and case studies drawn from your industry or business
  • Alignment to your organisation’s approach to social media


90 Minutes

Suggested class size

Max 8 people per class

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