In-house Social Media Analytics, Reporting & Optimisation Masterclass

Course: SMAROM-H
  • Analytics
Advanced / Senior leader

“You can’t improve on what you don’t measure”. This statement is all the more relevant on social media where real-time analytics can provide insightful learnings for performance optimisation.

According to research firm Nielsen, one of the biggest challenges facing marketers and advertisers last year was measurement and reporting of social performance. This year, that very same challenge intensifies as the social landscape continues to fragment. With competition increasing and attention spans shortening, the need for accurate analytics informing optimisation strategies is vital to continually improve performance. Furthermore, reporting on performance to stakeholders remains onerous and challenging. This masterclass will take attendees through systems and processes for streamlining analytics, reporting and optimisation for both organic and paid social activity.

This hands-on masterclass will cover:

  • Fundamentals of social metrics and KPIs – what they mean and how they’re calculated
  • Measurement Framework for quantifying social performance
  • Goal setting and historical benchmarking
  • Owned Analytics – measuring the performance of your content publishing and customer service on social channels
  • Ads Analytics – measuring and reporting on paid social performance
  • Competitor Analytics – benchmarking against competitors and industry averages
  • Influencer Analytics – whether you work directly with influencers or through marketplaces or agencies, learn how to assess influencer performance and make data-led decisions on who to work with and how to work with them
  • How to pull all the data together and consolidate into monthly, quarterly and campaign reports (attendees will receive a PowerPoint reporting template)
  • Implement an optimisation program for both content publishing and paid social activity

Customisation Options

This course has been created from our industry leading Social Media Marketing Essentials and Social Media Marketing Strategy courses with new in-depth material specific to the social analytics, reporting and optimisation. The customisation options for this course include;

  • Details of your existing social analytics and reporting workflow
  • Examples and case studies drawn from your industry or business
  • Alignment to your business objectives and goals on social media


½ Day

Suggested class size

Max 8 people per class

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