In-house Privacy & Marketing Compliance Course

Course: SCPMC-H
  • Digital Marketing
  • Privacy and Compliance
Intermediate / Practitioner

Over 60% of data breaches are due to human error. Minimise the risk to your business by ensuring your staff understand their obligations under the Privacy Act and, more importantly, how your organisation complies.

This course has been designed to tailor the content to 4 primary groups within your business;

  1. Customer facing staff - to effectively support your customers, staff are often provided access to private information. For this group we seek to ensure they understand the principals that govern our regulatory framework in Australia, the rights of your customers and the procedures your company uses to comply.
  2. Back-office / Admin staff - while this group may have less access to private information, it is non-the-less important that they understand data handling procedures and the procedures you have in place.
  3. Data specialists and IT - as this group usually has the greatest access to private information, we will ensure they are knowledgeable of all aspects of the Privacy Act, including any new developments (i.e. data breach notification). Again, we will customise the content to include details of your company’s systems, practices and procedures.
  4. Executive / Leadership Team - we will ensure all your leaders understand their obligations if and when a breach occurs and the procedures you have created to minimise the risk of a data breach.

Customisation options

This course has been created from our industry leading Privacy & Marketing Compliance course (insert link) with the content aligned to the four groups above. The customisation options for this course include;

  • Details of your systems and procedures
  • Examples and case studies drawn from your industry or business
  • Reporting lines and roles and responsibilities for data privacy within your business

Here is an example from one of Australia’s leading motoring services brands.


Customer facing: 1/2 day
Back office: 1/2 day
Data teams: 1 day
Executive: 1-2 hours

Suggested class size

8 - 25 people

In-house Privacy & Marketing Compliance Course is part of IQ for Business.

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