IQ FACTS is the intelligent and comprehensive professional development program that arms marketers and businesses with the industry skills of the future – today.

But it’s not just about training. It’s an end-to-end framework specifically designed to help you determine required skills, test current capabilities, gain recognition and ensure you and your company not only keep on top of the latest marketing trends, but are also setting them for the future.

The fact is, Marketing has changed and the skills required to be effective and successful are broader than ever before.

As marketers, success and recognition depends on demonstrating your skills and capabilities. So, it’s important to know what skills are required in this ever-changing marketplace, to equip yourself with those skills and keep them up-to-date.

For both corporates and agencies, business success depends on building the skills and marketing intelligence of your marketing teams to face the dynamic challenges of increasing customer expectations.

Our unique approach to skill enhancement will help increase your company and team's marketing skills, along with your career and business success. 

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