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Dates: 24 August 2017 - 25 August 2017
Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

The Innovation Zone is the hub of Global Forum with tons of brands and activations. It also features cool tech demonstrations and immersive experiences in the latest and greatest technology to wow you.

Plus, this year we’re introducing FREE hands-on social workshops led by the top Australian networks. This is an amazing opportunity for you and your team to learn how to make social media work for your business. Finally, the attention you deserve!

Nail Social: Hands-on Social Network Labs

Can’t get the attention you need from social media platforms because you don’t have a big enough share of budget? Come along to our FREE hands-on social media workshops to learn how to:

  • Reach your intended audience
  • Spend your precious budget wisely
  • Achieve measurable results

Experts from four top social platforms will conduct 90-minute workshops for you and your teams to learn everything you need to know to get the most out of the platforms.

Facebook and Instagram have already been announced as two of the four social media workshops. Stay tuned, more social brands will be announced soon!

Book now, places are strictly limited.

  • Social lab: Instagram

    Over 5 million businesses worldwide tell their stories on Instagram, connecting with people at the centre of visual discovery. From major brands to local stores, businesses around the world are driving proven results with Instagram.

    This session will cover:

    Instagram for Business: On Instagram, your message reaches people where they follow their passions and explore the world through imagery. For these reasons, Instagram is a highly-relevant environment to share your business stories.

    Planning and Managing Instagram Campaigns: Whether you’re looking to drive traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, or drive engagement and conversion, Instagram ads can help you to achieve your business objective. We’ll also cover how you can plan to maximise efficiencies across Facebook and Instagram.

    Instagram Stories: Stories has changed the way the world communicates – in vertical and ephemerally – and with over 250 million people using Stories each day, it is a place for businesses to bring their brand story to life.

    Creative Considerations for Instagram: We’ll explore the tools and formats available to brands to achieve rich storytelling on Instagram
    Success Stories: Discover how successful global and local brands have used Instagram to drive business results.

    Date: 24 August 2017
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

    ​Time: 15.30 - 17.00

  • Social lab: Twitter

    Twitter is the best and fastest place to see and talk about what’s happening in the world, whether you’re a brand or a consumer.

    This session will cover:

    Be What’s Happening: Twitter is the first place to see what’s happening, whether it’s news, sports, entertainment or live events. Brands are a natural part of Twitter and users are comfortable seeing brands articulate themselves on the platform.

    Drive results with video: If you’re a brand, there’s no better time to reach and engage your audience through premium video content. Learn how to engage the 74% of Australian Twitter users that follow brands on Twitter through video solutions such as Premium Pre-roll, Promoted live video and Periscope 360.

    Creative brand solutions: Leverage the unique features of Twitter to build powerful brand campaigns which create stronger brand recall and more effective customer journey touchpoints.

    Success Stories: We’ll share how successful Australian brands have leveraged Twitter to drive business results.

    Date: 25 August 2017
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney
    Time: 10.30 - 12.00

  • Social lab: Facebook

    Facebook connects your business with the people who matter to you so you can deliver people-based marketing at scale and drive business results.

    This session will cover:

    Building a Facebook Strategy: Bring business objectives to life by unlocking customer insights and utilising powerful targeting options available to all advertisers.

    Work the Plan: The Facebook ad auction is designed to maximise advertiser value and optimise the experience of consumers. Learn about bidding and optimisation best practices.

    Creative Considerations for Video in Mobile Feed: The way people are creating, sharing and consuming video has changed. What does the evolving video landscape mean for advertisers?  We’ll examine creative considerations for video on mobile.

    People-based Measurement: Facebook’s people-based solutions helps advertisers measure and grow their business at every stage of the customer journey. Learn about solutions which are available to connect the dots between online marketing and business value.

    Success Stories: We’ll share how successful Australian brands have leveraged Facebook to drive business results.

    Date: 25 August 2017
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

    Time:  15.30 – 17.00

Experience the Future Through Immersive Tech Exhibitions

This year Innovation Zone will be a place for you to try out the latest in immersive and experiential technology including virtual reality, holograms and more. Travel through time and destinations using Oculus Rift, Google and other state-of-the-art VR accessories. Immerse your senses through leading-edge technologies to gain an understanding of the potential for your business and marketing.

Explore, discover and see into the future at Innovation Zone.

  • Virtual reality: Start VR

    Start VR will be offering a range of experiences, from commercial and branded content projects for clients such as Qantas, St Hugo wines, Star Casino, the Royal Flying Doctors and award winning room scale interactive piece ‘Edge 28’, to original IP creative projects which showcase interactive cinematic VR, in ‘VR Noir’ and latest project, the ground-breaking interactive travel experience ‘Atlas Obscura VR’.

    Room-Scale (Vive)
    Edge 28 - A stunning Real Estate VR experience allowing potential buyers to stand inside of and interact with an apartment for an off-plan property development in St Leonards, Sydney.

    Atlas Obscura VR – In collaboration with Atlas Obscura—the definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders. The Atlas Obscura VR experience allows aspiring voyagers to navigate the globe without leaving their homes. This ground breaking interactive travel experience transports viewers off the beaten path and into destinations that are as unusual as they are fascinating. The first wave of experiential content visits The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA; The Temples of Humankind: Damanhur in Italy and The Salina Turda salt mine in Romania, among many others.

  • 3D and three-dimensional holograms: Voxon Photonix

    Voxon Photonics are the creators of the Voxon VX1 – the world’s most advanced three-dimensional (3D) volumetric display.

    Voxon’s 3D volumetric technology brings digital content to life and helps empower people to visualise, communicate, learn and have fun in a collaborative manner with no barrier to the 3D experience, and no glasses required.

    Their 3D technology is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. They have created a futuristic display technology capable of producing truly 3D digital images that can render animated or static imagery as genuinely three-dimensional holograms – high definition, infinitely complex and manipulable, and viewable with the naked eye from any angle. No illusions. No special glasses.

    The volumetric science is absolutely cutting-edge. But emotionally, it couldn’t be simpler. When people see it in action for the first time, regardless of their age, interests or background, they are mesmerised.

  • User led activations: Displayground

    User-led activations are transforming the digital landscape and reshaping the brand / consumer connection.

    Displayground™ is leading the way in next generation consumer engagement with a large-format, interactive content platform designed for live, physical environments.

    Ultra responsive sensors allow users to walk straight up and engage directly with the screen content via gesture control technology, and manipulate and play all kinds of media on giant screens with a simple wave of the hand (think Minority Report).

    These content-rich hyper-activations inform and entertain en-masse whilst collecting user data from the screen interactions for measurable engagement.

    Displayground integrates with other peripheral technologies such as beacons and smart phone apps, providing exciting possibilities for live interaction, targeted campaign reach, entertainment and education across retail, advertising, museums, events and exhibitions.

  • Mixed Reality and the Future of Marketing: Avanade

    The Hololens is here! You’ve probably read about it, now you get to experience it.

    Hololens is a mixed reality device which allows users to overlay digital content on the world around them and interact with it using simple gestures. Avanade Australia and Liminal 360 have teamed up to provide a Hololens Mixed Reality demonstration which will take you into the future of what digital advertising and marketing might look like in a world where Augmented Reality animations are combined with data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and voice assistants to create truly immersive and contextualised brand experiences for consumers.

    Using an immersive eCommerce demonstration, you will get an understanding of what Mixed Reality is, what it can provide and the opportunities this new world creates for richer advertising and marketing interactions, deeper and intimate consumer connections and more personalised experiences. As a result, helping brands increase advocacy, engagement and conversion through physical and digital channels.

    This is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers and marketers to know more about Augmented / Mixed Reality and Hololens, and see a glimpse of future consumer interactions beyond the flat 2D interface of laptops, TV and mobile devices. Come and be IMMERSED!

Virtual Reality Workshop

BEcause is a leading, live brand experience group. They create engaging brand conversations and live experiences, designed to change behaviours and get people talking. A global operation their clients cover a range of sectors such as food and drink, retail, energy, transport, utilities, government and technology.

Join BEcause for a FREE, 90-minute, live brand experience workshop, book now places are limited!

  • VR workshop: BEcause live brand experience

    The corporate virtual reality experience by BEcause showcases VR technologies capabilities and how it can become part of your broader business and marketing strategy.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in a feast for the senses with an immersive, 90-minute live creative tech event. Experience virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing and drones and learn how you can implement live technology to connect people to your brand.

    This session will cover:

    • Live creative technology in the context of experiential marketing VR Hardware
    • VR content case studies to help map out your content strategy
    • VR demonstration and experience of the best practice case studies:
      • Behaviour Change (Sydney Water)
      • Product Launch (Gillette)
      • Brand Story (Woolworths)
      • Total Immersion – 4 senses (Boursin Cheese)
      • Transporting Consumers to Africa (WWF)
    • Augmented reality (AR) and other immersive technologies
    • Time for your questions

    Book soon, places are strictly limited!

    Date: 24 August 2017
    Venue: Hilton Sydney Hotel
    Address: 488 George Street, Sydney

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