Building on over 35 years of awarding work that works, last year the AC&E Awards set a new course, rewarding the optimum balance of creativity and effectiveness.

To win an AC&E Award, you need to have not only exceptional creativity in the solution to your problem but also demonstrate your approach was truly effective. To put it simply, brilliant creativity has to cause exceptional results.

There are 30 awards sub-categories, grouped into seven distinct categories. In addition to these, the Pinnacle and Excellence Awards  recognise the individuals and agencies who have made an exceptional contribution to Australian Marketing, Media & Advertising. These winners will be specially selected by our 2016 judges.

Entries are now closed, judging underway. Join us at the Gala Dinner in Sydney on 27 October and see who's taking home the trophies this year!

Meet 2016 Judges Attend the Gala dinner 


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