Loyalty programs are critical for the data decade ahead

Loyalty programs are the fastest route to data enablement

Changing regulations, privacy risks, crumbling third-party cookies, higher fines and penalties … futureproof your data-driven marketing by strategically launching trusted loyalty memberships.

Join Loyalty & Reward Co CEO Philip Shelper to learn how to utilise loyalty programs to generate valuable zero and first-party data, engage customers in ever-more meaningful experiences and build brand, sales and retention.

Date: 21st September
Time: 12:30 – 1:15pm
Cost: Free

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Discover how to use loyalty programs to:

Connect cleverly
Generate zero-party and first-party data to build authentic and meaningful marketing connections between customers and brands.

Direct data
Develop your own data provenance and authentication solutions to reduce ongoing costs while managing digital and regulatory changes.

Pivot productively
Manage the risks ahead with a clear idea of the digital, ACCC, privacy and Spam Act changes coming to reshape the marketing landscape.

Who should attend

If you watch loyalty program operators execute genius ways to engage customers and think: “That should be me!”, then this webinar is for you.

If you’re wondering how fast-changing privacy and Spam laws will disrupt marketing, then this is a must-watch.

If you want to build a marketing strategy that puts the customer at the heart of your brand, then this knowledge is vital. Whether you are a mid-level marketer or the Chief Marketing Officer, get ready to understand the power of building trust, engaging at the right time and adding value through best-practice loyalty program design and execution.

About your loyalty lecturer

Philip Shelper has provided loyalty consulting services to over 60 brands globally and is the author of Amazon best-seller Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide. 

He heads Australia’s leading loyalty consultancy agency, Loyalty & Reward Co, and is an expert in the design of best-practice loyalty programs, lifecycle management, data collection, reporting and analytics approaches, and omni-channel personalisation.

“With the convergence of large consumer data sets, artificial intelligence, payments, technology and loyalty, we will see a brave new world for brands.” - Philip Shelper

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Date: 21st September
Time: 12:30 – 1:15pm
Cost: Free

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