Telemarketing standards under review

14 Dec 2016

For organisations involved in telemarketing there are guidelines around how they should interact with consumers. ADMA has been asked to contribute to the changes around Telemarketing and Research Industry Standard.

For many of our members, telemarketing continues to be an important way of connecting businesses with consumers. Proposed changes to the Standard that may have an impact on our members include: clarification around express consent when calling outside permitted hours, call attempts and termination, and clarification on when various types of information need to be provided during a call.

What these changes mean for members is an enhanced ability to make contact with clients, clarity around when a call starts and information that needs to be provided.

ADMA is keen to ensure that our members continue to have a strong voice and to that end, will continue to strive for clarity in the Standard. Our submission will go to ACMA in mid-December with changes to the law coming into effect on 1 April 2017.

Details of the current Standard can be found here and the draft changes to remaking the Standard can be found here.

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